Description This is a tremendous stone hammer with [BANHAMMER] emblazoned on the side. A human skull has been lashed to top of the hammers head.
Type Blunt
Usage When player selects [use] the following text is displayed:
You turn the Banhammer on.
Maximum Stack 1
Cost to Buy This item cannot be purchased.
Selling Price This item cannot be sold.
Maximum Upgrades This item may be upgraded 4 (minimum) times at a Blacksmith.
Any item that has been upgraded will display [Upgraded] after its name on your Inventory bar.
How to Obtain Dropped by Test Dummies and Cult Titan during the server test phase, the items were consequently deleted.

Unique item, owned by autocratic Motorhed. Stick your neck out and get not too subtle a hint at who is in fact the boss here.

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