Banks are a place to store riches without risk of losing them to thieves and murderers. There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals, however there is no interest gained. Perhaps you should invest in mutual funds.
Most areas contain a bank. Here is a map showing a bank closest to your location:

Main Town

Tillbry bank

Mallidae Village

Klingman Bank


Zelsing Bank

Quince Town

Padermin Bank

Bissom Town

Shing Bank

Jaikiel Town

Rilrik Bank

Fenrin Village

Mamen Bank

Pescombe Taisel Village

Ridley Bank

Cauldman Forest Thones Village

Binkidy Bank

Arkwood Tamesden Town

Fadley Bank

Hornet Town
Shokan Hills

Envench Bank

Archen Town

Unman Grove Bank

Maiden Village Redstone

Bullmer Bank

Magog Village

Timonney Bank


Hordon Village

Nillywood Town Grabgold's Bank

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