Blackball 2

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  • Following editions are no longer available and banned in most towns of the realm, the coats, please enquire here: Blackball Books

Roots, Fingerprints & Foxholes

  • Blackball Press 01: Roots, Fingerprints & Foxholes. The Deep Pamphlet

Konrad, this is your Rectum Honey and that is a Lightbulb.

  • Blackball Press 02: Konrad, this is your Rectum Honey and that is a Lightbulb. The Deeper Pamphlet (seized and banned by the local magistrate in: Alesville, Arkwood, Fenrin Village, Hordon Village, Jaikiel Town, Kelden, Magog Village and Main Town (1).

(1) One sole copy is rumored to exist, in all probability stored in the 'blue' section of the exhaustive bibliotheca available to members of the premier tavern of ill fame in Main Town, for further investigations, contact the clandestine Table 13 (a rumored list of aliases include: Stammtisch 13 , Bureau DGT and less widespread and very caricatural; Horde Harlot Harpoon - Dragon's Gullet Tavern


Homemade Chianty

  • Blackball Press 03: Homemade Chianty. 13 pages, no information available, very limited stock.

Mussels and Chimneys

  • Blackball Press 04: Mussels and Chimneys. 12 pages, very little information, first edited by Schwarz und Soehne.
Chianty:::Mussels and chimneys

Blackball Press Prospective Series Edit

The Patrick Trick

  • Blackball Press 05: The Patrick Trick. Unique edition, thick glossy paper, includes geographical, historical, economic maps, numerous diagrams, an essential essay on Emotonial Authority and several answers to the question: Molly?.

The Tanya Tactic

  • Blackball Press 07: The Tanya Tactic. Unique edition, thick glossy paper, includes tantric diagrams, numerous articles on topics ranging from hazing practices during the annual colloquium of The Severed Left Tit Yacht Club to the 45 white canvas exhibited at Crownberry Palace last May and the final (and definitive) answer to the question: Molly?.

The patricktrick:::Tanyatactic

Calendars, Cooking & CardsEdit


Collectibles Edit

Peasant badge


  • Blackball Press badge. 1”


  • Blackball Press buckler. A full 36”, 17 ½ lbs.


Severed glove
  • Kleptomaniacs Mittens. Finely embroidered Blackball Press symbol. Resistant leather.


Toys Edit

Eddie recall:::Zerg-a-lot
  • EDDIE RECALL action figurine, comes with removable Barrier of Trust and two cool Health Orbs.
  • CATHY ZERG-A-LOT four action figurines, comes with three playable pink noise mini-records and a hot cup of coffee.


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