A place to upgrade your weapons and armor.


Name Cost Description
Upgrading 1000 coins, 500XP & an upgrade item Bring your weapon/armour and an upgrade item and the Blacksmith will attempt to upgrade it.


Store Name Coords Town
Galavin Blacksmith (8,1) Main Town
Riffak Blacksmith (4,7) Main Town
Mibbens Blacksmith (14,1) Mallidae Village
Bleards Blacksmith (17,7) Mallidae Village
Yiddle Blacksmith (22,4) Drokmoore
Morb Blacksmith (36,1) Quince Town
Ben's Blacksmith (37,10) Quince Town
Blueback Blacksmith (42,5) Alesville
Iddy Blacksmith (2,12) Bissom_Town
Plabnicks Blacksmith (1,20) Bissom_Town
Chummin's Blacksmith (17,14) Jaikiel Town
Jasken's Blacksmith (26,17) Fenrin Village
Pillman Blacksmith (26,19) Fenrin Village
Silvernod's Blacksmith (34,12) Pescombe
Arper Blacksmith (40,19) Pescombe
Snadsberry Grill (41,11) Taisel Village
Amrin's Blacksmith (46,17) Taisel Village
Quilly Blacksmith (15,26) Thones Village
Murmon's Blacksmith (12,30) Thones Village
Elowig's Blacksmith (25,24) Arkwood
Blackdenn Blacksmith (36,25) Tamesden Town
Rico's Blacksmith (50,22) Hornet Town
Sickland Blacksmith (47,25) Hornet Town
Hungler Blacksmith (5,37) Shokan Hills
Uncher's Blacksmith (36,35) Shokan Hills
Uncher's Blacksmith (36,35) Redstone
Portnoy's Blacksmith (40,38) Redstone
Phoster Blacksmith (41,31) Magog Village
Newmo Blacksmith (42,35) Magog Village
Queddey Blacksmith (28,48) Nillywood Town
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