Blisterbone Hunting


This guide is for hunting Blisterbone, a unique monster in the Scroll Wars world. It will give you some basic information on the monster in question and some suggestions on what you should bring, skills you should have and how many people you should bring.


Blisterbone has an average amount of HP, coming in at 100. He gives 85 XP and 880 coins when killed. Blisterbone drops Book of Demons or Demon Tailbones when you kill him. When fighting him, you should know that he has resistances of 2-7 and is capable of dealing up to 20 damage per hit.

Where to find BlisterboneEdit

Blisterbone resides in Death's Knell Tower (45,25). You will need to go upstairs in the tower to Blisterbone's chambers. To do this, first, go inside Death's Knell Tower, then click on the Enter Doors button to go upstairs. Once inside, you need to go into Blisterbone's Keep. Beware as not only Blisterbone is there, he usually has a few skeletons to fight beside him, although if you don't provoke the skeletons by hitting them, they will usually take a long time to hit you, so kill him quickly, and you shouldn't have much problems.

Supplies, people and other essentialsEdit

Although Blisterbone looks tough, he is not. I do not recommend people unless you are a lower level. Anyone level fifteen and over should be able to take him on easily. But, if you feel that you can't fight him alone, the more the merrier! Of course, the main item you should worry about is bandages. You will need a lot of them if you plan on coming out alive. You should also know where the nearest temple and clinic are at. The nearest clinic, Ayerane Healerie (49,25), should serve as the main point in which you get bandages. The nearest temple, Temple of Tilleria (45,15), should serve as your main revive point.

Recommended skillsEdit

Once again, I would say be maxed out for this fight. At the very least have the Bladed Weapon Training skills. Anything after these few skills is a bonus and should make your life a lot easier. You can take Blisterbone in both melee and mage tactics, both are easy too. Just hit him as hard as you can as fast as you can.


Be aware that Blisterbone does have other NPC's that help him, and will not hesitate to attack you. Try to stay healed up and remember to carry bandages with you. If you follow these steps, you should be fine. Enjoy your 880 coins!

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