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Toad people low

The standard Buforan.

Buforans are a toad-like race of creatures that mostly inhabit the forests of Mern. Though known to be somewhat secretive in their day to day habits, some facts about their lifestyle have nonetheless been uncovered through careful study.


Buforans are bipedal creatures resembling a toad which stands erect like a human being. They are usually found in sizes ranging from three to five feet tall.

Body type can vary greatly between Buforans bred for stealth, brawling, or for toxins. For example, the classic "Brute" may possess a larger, more muscular torso and horns. A Buforan mage may possess vibrant coloration to denote the toxins within its body which are used to create various elixers, poisons, and narcotics.

Social HabitsEdit

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Battle TacticsEdit

Natural leapers, Buforans have all but mastered the ability to evade most melee attacks. They prefer to strike and leap away when there is no option to attack from afar.

Buforans are also adept at using their highly skilled, highly sticky tongues to 'zap' weapons, magical trinkets, and even sheilds out of enemies' hands.

Perhaps most unique is the Buforan's ability to use their throats to carry dangerous insects into battle. Some which are deadly to other races do not affect the Buforan, or at least do not cause as harsh a reaction.

The various insects Buforans have been known to use include:

  • Cicadas, in swarms, to disorient and drown out the commands of enemy groups.
  • Giant Wasps, to of course pierce enemy flesh with venomous barbs.
  • Lightning Bugs, to distract, confuse or simply illuminate the enemy during night hours.
  • Horse Flies, to gnaw upon and distract enemies' steeds.
  • ... and much more.

Some Buforans tend to possess average skill in magical arts, stealth/camoflage, and the like.

Politics & HierarchyEdit

The Buforan hierarchy is loosely divided into warriors, magic users, laborers, thinkers, and a very small royal family.

Ruling from on high are the descendents of Moon Eye, an ancient tribe leader who achieved fame in a fabled war which may or may not have actually occurred. The "Moon Eyes" create laws and make decrees that are, for the most part, ignored by the majority of the populace.

As per Buforan law, at any time any given member of the Moon Eyes may challenge the current leading member for superiority. During this scuffle, the first to be turned onto their back must relinquish all power and posessions they have aquired.

Second only to the royal family are the thinkers. These usually noble and compassionate creatures serve as the final authority on all questions and disagreements. In keeping with tradition, most any sentence a thinker speaks will start with what amounts to "The ultimate, final, and binding truth is as follows..."

Warriors and magic users, as one might expect, are concerned mostly with the defense of Buforan lives and land, as well as the preemptive pacification of any would-be threats to same.


The most common symbol of worship within Buforan circles is the stoic, contemplative ancient prophet "Goldbelly". The teachings of Goldbelly specifically encourage pride in oneself and the persuit of mortal pleasures while expanding the understanding of one's place within the "grand ecosystem".

Goldbelly is usually depicted as a reclining Buforan with a large, golden stomach and a generally pleased expression.

Followers of Goldbelly can most often be found to accept Heffren, Kandon, or Kesprel as their personal major deity. A deep-seeded fear of Gulgorn usually follows suit, due to his relation to insects - the staple of Buforan diet.

Conversely, a smaller number of Buforans dedicate themselves only to the deity Tilleria. These widely shunned members of the Buforan world concern themselves with nightmares and hellish hallucinations experienced after consuming certain types of psychotropic fungi.

Though few and far between, these Tillerian followers can become quite powerful when their natural toxins begin to mimic the potent hallucinogens they consume. This is a process which can often drive the creature completely mad.

History and LoreEdit

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Upon the original discovery of the realm of Mern, most of the focus was placed upon the useful Mandrake and various breeds of dragon found there.

Though the Buforan race was largely ignored by early explorers and adventurers, their accumulated treasures were not. Everything from sculptures to whole buildings were removed from Buforan villages or destroyed in battle with fiercer creatures. Most items were sold as curiosities under the incorrect label "Frog Art".

First referred to as "Croak Folk" due to the sound of their native language, the creatures were largely dismissed as comically inept adversaries. Some were even abducted and forced into the life of a pet. The notorious Frog Head Bog (as named by outsiders) was the site of many unfortunate "pet auctions".

Buforans eventually came to develop their current warlike ways and unique battle tactics, which were then turned on the "outsiders". In the interest of protecting their access to the wonders of Mern, the outsiders worked out an uneasy peace agreement with the Buforans. To this day, however, tensions have not eased and "Croak Folk" remains an incendiary term that even non-bilingual Buforans understand the meaning of.

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