MEAT! and various butchering tools.

Bill of GoodsEdit

Name Buy Sell Description
Knife 5 1 This is a small knife.
Butcher Knife 10 Cannot be sold. This is a long, sharp butcher knife.
Meat Cleaver 20 Cannot be sold. This is a large, threatening meat cleaver.
Meat Hook 20 Cannot be sold. This is a long, curved steel hook with wooden handle.


Store Name Coords Town
Billy's Butcher Shop (2,4) Main Town
Montrenei Butcher Shop (41,8) Alesville
Redrock Butcher Shop (7,18) Bissom_Town
Purgle's Butcher Shop (30,15) Fenrin Village
Asure's Butcher Shop (23,20) Fenrin Village
Sinsley Butcher Shop (44,14) Taisel Village
The Angry Cow Butcher Shop (16,23) Thones Village
Horrible Al's Butcher Shop (23,27) Arkwood
Grugling's Butcher Shop (32,27) Tamesden Town
Vilmery's Butcher Shop (43,28) Hornet Town
Blue Eye's Butcher Shop (28,31) Maiden Village
Acentrey Butcher Shop (44,38) Magog Village
Stiney's Butcher Shop (24,46) Nillywood Town
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