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Bombs may be used as grenades by any class in the realm. While not nearly as powerful and accurate as when combined with a cannon they still do what they are traditionally renowned to do, mainly; explode in someone's face.
Bomb Type Class
Decaying Rot Bomb All
Glittering Powder Bomb All
Sulphur Bomb All

Class-specific Explosives & Mines------
Thieves seem to be slightly more versed in pyrotechnics than the remaining classes, they are renowned to be specialists when it comes to handling powder and fuses and have reportedly been mining up whole areas and suburbs of the realm.
The same bombs as above may be planted on tiles by members of the Thief class.
See Plant Explosives
Thieves additionally have a greater chance to detect a mine and thus disarm it.
See Disarm Explosives
Bomb Type Class
Decaying Rot Bomb Thief
Glittering Powder Bomb Thief
Sulphur Bomb Thief
Footnote a):
  • Thieves have been getting quite sneaky, lately... Some have been seen planting explosives all over the realms.
    This has often been followed by skipping away and/or giggling.
Footnote b):
  • Thieves also have figured out how to disarm the explosives set by others. Thank the deities...

Cannons only function when loaded with the according ammunition. To cram a cannon, the player simply needs to keep the right bomb stashed in their inventory. Each shot will use a single unit.
Caution: While loading a cannon multiple times with units of ammunition is possible, the amount of units will neither affect the damage nor the cannon's accuracy, the units will unfortunately be lost.
Cannon Type Ammunition Ammunition Stack
Demonic Cannon Sulphur Bomb 1-19
Toy Cannon Rock 1-95

Assembly and Bomb Kits - Further Reading:

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