The items in this category are one-off rewards or trophies. Besides being traditionally rather uncomfortable, pretensiously bulky and too heavy they are renowned to magically grant their owners thinly-veiled jealous glares in the back rooms of the realm's taverns and brothels (often much to the delight of the blessed party). The list below was amply and unsurprisingly mentioned in a recent study as the second leading cause of mortality amongst the wealthier demographic groups, second only to the generalized pantophagy and confectionery abuse before, after and especially during feuds.

  • Unique2 - Dark Shield : Tempest Fennac

This is a large, pitch black shield. It displays all of the dark dieties in a raised, interwoven pattern.--
Together, these figures cover the entire surface.

  • Dropped by Goddex, during the first campaign.
  • Further reading: Goddex

This is the legendary stolen helmet of Sigmut. An ornate swirling pattern adorns its front and the----
detailed face of a roaring lion is emblazoned on the back. It seems to give off a low hum of energy
as silent, etherial battle scenes reflect in its perfect surface.

  • Unique3 - Ring of Blessing : Xolah

A rare ring passed from the gods given only to the first in a line of scroll holders.---------------------------

  • Unique4 - Royal Sword : AAAdet

The razor sharp double-edged blade has a lithe fire-spewing dragon carefully etched onto it. The hilt
is bright gold with a shining ruby in the center. This sword's handle fits its owner's grip perfectly,
as if it was designed for them.

  • Awarded from Jedaz after successfully completing a minor event.
  • The origins of this item are opaque.

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