For more important info on Cemeteries and/or missing corpses go here: Graveyard Edit

Locations in the Main Realm:Edit

  • If your corpse is missing after 5 days of rotting away, those are the potential tiles where you go digging for it ( see Graveyard for more info on burials and other hex)
Store Name Coords Town
Zambrot Cemetery (9,4) Main Town
Ghont Cemetery (20,8) Mallidae Village
Mowls Cemetary (39,10) Quince Town
Zambrot Cemetery (9,4) Main Town
Lasthome Cemetery (48,3) Alesville
Greepsley Cemetery (50,13) Taisel Village
Aisely Strond Cemetery (43,16) Taisel Village
Shiesel Hill Cemetery (50,19) Taisel Village
Alabach Cemetery (34,15) Pescombe
Neicherman Cemetery (38,17) Pescombe
Rhodella Cemetery (27,17) Taisel Village
Aolin Cemetery (12,14) Jakiel Town
Middle Cemetery (20,19) Jakiel Town
Alque Cemetery (7,16) Bissom Town
New Place Cemetery (4,19) Bissom Town
Kluthing Cemetery (11,25) Thones Village
Harding Cemetery (19,28) Thones Village
Froud Cemetery (24,23) Arkwood
Winchell Cemetery (37,28) Tamesden Town
Boldaxe Cemetery (45,24) Hornet Town
Mastley Cemetery (48,28) Hornet Town
Fringent Cemetery (45,33) Magog Village
Glosser Cemetery (48,39) Magog Village
Squohan Cemetery (36,34) Redstone
Ladner Cemetery (33,37) Redstone
Baskor Cemetery (40,40) Redstone
Rustling Wind Cemetery (24,34) Maiden Village
Hawnery Cemetery (16,32) Archen Town
Bashkin Cemetery (3,35) Shokan Hills
Yesoh Cemetery (8,37) Shokan Hills
Dules Creek Cemetery (4,43) Kelden
Pillskod Cemetery (7,46) Kelden
Waerd Cemetery (15,46) Hordon Village
Chenny Cemetery (13,47) Hordon Village
Kusser Cemetery (29,43) Nillywood Town
Horble Cemetery (30,49) Nillywood Town
Modero Cemetery (37,47) Erbatha
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