Temple Coords: [35,15] Pescombe

The deity of trickery and lies, Cezil is known for his ever-changing shapes as well as his complete and utter lack of honor. Cezil is a notorious back-stabber who will turn on even the most faithful servant if it suits a fleeting whim. Many a lonely widow has welcomed a long-lost husband into bed only to wake up to find their valuables taken. Absent-minded elders sometimes find their entire life's savings borrowed away by a grandchild that never actually existed. As such, Cezil has accumulated such an embarrassment of riches that he has been forced to hide most of this wealth where he believes no one will come upon it.

Long ago, a great helmet worn by a powerful warrior mage was stolen from one of Sigmut's temples. It is widely believed that Cezil was behind this astounding heist, and that one day he will find his own champion to don this mystical item.

It is said that Cezil played a hand in the three incarnations of Goddex which terrorized the realm of the mortals. During his second incarnation, Goddex was seen wearing the fabled Helmet of Sigmut, rumored to have been gifted to him by Cezil himself.

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