Have PKers got you down? Did a small green snake pwn your sorry butt? Have you fallen and can't get up? If you answered yes to any of these, you may be in need of an extra little boost. Since steroids are bad for your body (in many cases), let's concentrate on your technique.


No good dead

Two respected PKers discuss how their opponent is no good to them dead because he has a low level.

Yes, murder, or player killing as it's more commonly known in MMORPGs. PKing is a good way to instill fear in the playing community and is a solid source of XP. Simply approach another player and start whacking him or her with whatever weapon you have. Bash until they're dead.

Before you simply jump the first person you come across, know this: you do not get experience for attacking players significantly lower than you. If you're a level 30 and you find a level 5 player, they're not good to you dead.

PKing, surprisingly, is not an honored profession among most players. Many will fight back and even kill you in self defense. That's fine, you were going to do the same to them. For this reason, you should be polite and note where the nearest temple is at all times.

Map CombingEdit

One of the flaws of PKing is needing players around to kill. Since most players do not actively seek death, you will need to actively seek their deaths for them. While traveling through Dragon Spires, search on every tile you walk on. Search repeatedly, five to seven times. Players may be hiding; sometimes they won't be online and will provide an easy kill.

Winning DuelsEdit

Sometimes other players will challenge others to duels. Scientists are studying why they do this - some hypothesize it's part of a mating ritual. Others believe its a form of expressing dominance. Personally, I think they're just bored. In any case, if you find yourself in a duel, you have several ways of taking advantage.

  1. Challenge idiots: Some people will accept challenges even if they have no chance of winning. These battles aren't as glamorous, but this isn't the glamor guide, is it?
  2. Pay out the nose for the fastest Internet connection available: If you have a fast Internet connection, the Web site will load faster, meaning you will spend BP faster. That BP can be spent poking a member of Yojimbo with something pointy.
  3. Get the jump on him: If you and your opponent aren't already on the same tile, take your time getting to your fight site. Take the back roads, enjoy the scenery. Then, when the opponent is already there, you can show up and attack, slipping in a few hits before they know what hit 'em.


Once you've killed the opponent dead, you can steal coin from him. After you PK a person, use your Grave Robbery skill to take cash from them. The amount you get is 10% of what they have. If you loot 30 coin from ???, he still has 270 coins you can grab. If nab 1 coin, he has less than 20. Spend your BP accordingly, but don't forget to deposit whatever you get in the bank - people can loot just as easily from you. Also, you can loot any body you see, not just the ones you kill.

MP DrillingEdit

Magic Points are precious. MP can allow you to really lay a hurting on even the strongest of enemies, and it can save your sorry hide with healing and barricades. One major drawback is that it is hard to replenish. You start with only 5 MP per refresh, and it won't get a whole lot better than that as you progress.

One way around this is newbs. New players have other priorities before they start building up their magic, like hiding and the accuracy skills. Suck them dry of magic with Siphon Magic. They won't miss it. If you find a level one standing out in the open with nothing to protect him, make a note of his location. You can come back when you need MP. Also, make sure the new players stay alive, so heal them if they're under 15 HP. You can't drill them if they're dead.

Be EndearingEdit


If someone catches you doing something you shouldn't, pour on the charm.

Go on, charm those suckers. Despite common misconceptions, geeks are people too. They enjoy social interaction. As such, people will be more inclined to help you if you are deemed "cool" or "a nice guy" or "a sexy beast." I myself haven't observed the last one on Scroll Wars (aside from myself), but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

The best way to pour on the charm is to buy a Telepath Crystal from a magic shop. Turn it on, move a space (the broadcast option doesn't immediately appear for some reason) and introduce yourself to the community at large. If you behave, people will ultimately deem you worthy and act friendly toward you or even invite you to their guild. WARNING: This tactic can easily backfire if you are a troll. If you aren't sure if you're a troll, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you live under a bridge and menace goats?
  • Do you cruelly taunt and insult people for no reason or just because they're not the sharpest bulb in the box. Wait...
  • Do goats make you angry?
  • Do you bristle in the company of others?
  • Have you ever eaten a live goat while not marooned on an island?

If you said yes to any of these, you may be a troll.

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