Combat is the act of attacking other players or monsters. When sucessfully attacking a player/monster they lose health points. Many skills can increase combat damage.

Physical combat Edit

Using weapons (or your fists) you can deal damage. This is the most basic form of combat. In Physical combat you choose a weapon, select a monster/player and press the attack button to attempt to damage them. An attack's chance to hit is is shown as a number and a % to show how likely it is to hit someone. Also the weapon's power shows how much damage an attack will do on a sucessful hit. Attacking a player or monster with physical combat uses one battle point.

Magic combat Edit

Magic combat uses MP instead of BP. Also the spells used for magic combat are learned by purchasing a book from a store (usually a magic one) and using XP to learn the spell. The spell is stored in a spell book and can be used. Magic conductors make spell casting cost less MP.

Offensive magic spells Edit

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