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Corpse camping

After half a dozen of Large Bandages, at last: A Telepath Crystal!

What is Corpse Camping?Edit

Quote from: sr22e[1] On Corpse Camping.
"What about Corpse Camping?

You mean those times when a player is killed 13 times in 4 minutes while trying to reclaim their gear? Well....around here it seems unwise...nay...idiotic to return to reclaim your body with all due speed and no friendly backup clearing the path ahead for you. Especially after the third or fourth death. PKer's tend to be bored easily and will wander off sooner or later. Keeping a spare weapon, telepath crystal, idols, and portal keys vaulted is a good choice. You revive with all your armor. So go adventure elsewhere after a quick stop at a vault while your tormentor stands twitching.."

Generic DefinitionEdit
  • Fresh and concise definition from another Wiki: In video gaming, camping is the practice of waiting for enemies or useful objects to appear or to come to the player rather than actively seeking them out. Players camp in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. This could be used on anything from item respawns to camping over a players dead body so that when they reclaim their belongings, the player is automaticaly killed again.

Corpse Camping in ScrollwarsEdit

The different types of campingEdit
  • As mentioned above, the most current type of camping consists in waiting on the tile along with the body of your victim, his trip to the temple complete, the player will come back to the tile to reclaim belongings only to be greeted with another attack.
  • Barrier-A-Corpse, (R.I.P) this tactic has been currently made impossible, in short it consisted in erecting a barrier inside a tile around the corpse, so that if the victim stepped outside to resurrect at the nearest temple, the barrier (usually a Barrier of Trust) would block him from accessing the tile and thus his corpse. To prevent the corpse from being looted down to the spine, the victims guild or other affiliated players usually came to rescue and tear down the barrier.

For more info on why this tactic got extirpated see The Barrier-A-Corpse Controversy.

  • Looting a rotting corpse: When you stumble upon a corpse which has been lying in the sun for more than three days, you can use both Shakedown and Advanced Shakedown to loot a random item from the dead. Some players note down coordinates and wait till the corpse is ripe to perform intense looting sessions untill the corpse has no items left. As soon as a the last item is looted from the corpse, it vanishes. Note that only inventory items can be looted not the equipped items (rings, necklaces etcetera)

The Barrier-A-Corpse ControversyEdit

Quote from: Hatama[2] On Corpse Camping.
"No one is going to bother putting up a barrier over some low level corpse unless they happen to be a known alt or an enemy."

  • To read more about the delightfully civic debate on that topic follow the links:
  • Don't be afraid to discuss this topic on said boards. Don't be afraid to revive said topics.

Pros and Cons of Corpse CampingEdit

  • In SW, the pros of Corpse Camping would be something along the lines of getting more and more XP. Making XP' Cows easier to find, more money along with the XP instead of constantly looting the corpse.
  • Corpse Camping (see the Barrier-A-Corpse Controversy for the type of camping in question here) has proven to be a mighty catalyst for pvp interactions.
  • Free Money. See Grave Robbery
  • Free Items. (if the corpse is more than three and less than five days old) See Shakedown and Advanced Shakedown
  • The players Guild could come crashing down on you or your guild (And if your not the leader, it could lead to eviction from said guild) It could result in more players disliking you, Unless your strong and your opponent is weak yet rich, you would run out of battle points after the second or third time
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