The Deities of DragonSpires.

Most Widely Known DeitiesEdit


These are deities classically associated with positive deeds.


Temple Coordinates: [13,2] Mallidae Village

Spoken of as a clever old man, usually clothed in tattered and torn rags soiled in the process of inventing. Dehathsmus is often regarded as the wisest of the Gods, though he never let that get to his head.

A popular children's tale tells of Dehathsmus' "trials and errors" in creating the stars. First they would not stay in place, next they would not stay lit, and so on. When all was said and done, the story tells that Dehathsmus had spent so long on the project that he completely missed the birth, lifetime, and death of one of his mortal offspring.

Dehathsmus embodies the spirit of ingenuity and innovation.


Temple Coordinates: [15,11] Jaikiel Town

This deity of nature and the harvest is often described as an abnormally tall, slender woman with brittle platinum blonde hair. Heffren wears a delicate, flowing gown of leaves that change with the seasons. On the whole, Heffren is a kind and gentle deity, but she can be cruel depending on her whims.

Heffren is easy to upset if taken for granted. She loves all creatures truly, even the most lowly or repugnant, but takes grave offence at the slightest of insults.

Any hardship she may cause, however, is always repaid with overabundance once she has had time to collect her thoughts.


Temple Coordinates: [25,7] Drokmoore

The deity of all things artistic. A great romantic and lover of food, wine, and of course good music. Poeren is often depicted as a boisterous and charming raven-haired woman who is always wearing a wide, joyous grin.

Always in search of the next musical genius, Poeren has also fallen for quite a few of them as well. Play for her (and only her) and she will love you to the end of your days.. and those who have betrayed her in the past found themselves capable only of blowing sour notes no matter how hard they might struggle.

It is said that many a young man has picked up his first instrument in hopes that he would someday capture Poeren's attention.


Temple Coordinates: [6,20] Bissom Town

Usually rendered as a large, imposing suit of armor with little to no signs of the being within. Sigmut stands for unwavering valor and morality.

It is said that in the great hall of the skies, Sigmut sits at the head of the table. He commands respect and loyalty from all who would follow him, and rewards those he deems most virtuous and honorable. The most victorious warrior may find himself suffering Sigmut's wrath if said warrior has not been noble. Alternately, Sigmut has been known to raise the spirits of those who have died valiantly, inviting them to great feasts and celebrations before laying them back to rest.

Sigmut is also known for inhabiting the armor of fallen warriors as a means of disguise, enabling him to take part in particularly interesting battles.


These are deities classically associated with both positive and negative deeds.


Temple Coordinates: [1,5] Main Town

This deity of storms and unrest has always been known as a trouble-maker. Whether it be gathering clouds or forces of an uprising, Gongoreth is usually a favorite among rebels. Never one to follow others, Gongoreth has found himself at odds (and allied) with almost all of the deities in any given disagreement. He has also found himself wholly alone in a cause on more than one occasion, though there is some evidence that this is how he actually prefers to operate.

It has been told that Gongoreth was once struck through the heart with one of Yiella's oaken arrows. Though he survived, this has lead mortal mothers to take oak twigs to their children as punishment in times of disobedience. It is believed they do this in an attempt to scare Gongoreth out of them.


Temple Coordinates: [28,15] Fenrin Village

The deity of darkness and the night, Loominen is often misunderstood. Though mysterious by nature, Loominen delights in the secret beauty of things yet undiscovered. She is usually spoken of as a fair-skinned, raven-haired beauty who glows in the literal sense. Nocturnal moths and bats are said to check each mortals home to see if they slumber before Loominen goes about her rituals, tending to night-blooming flowers and dancing with cool midnight breezes.

Due to her reclusive nature, Loominen is thought to be aloof or (worse yet) up to no good. Mortals often place blame for missing children upon Loominen, as she has been said to rouse them from their beds to dance and frolic into the darkness.


Temple Coordinates: [13,27] Thones Village

The Goddess of mischief and levity. Popillick usually manifests herself in the form of a diminutive pixie. Her powerful command of the very fibers of reality are often used to pull elaborate pranks or to confuse the most pompous and prideful creatures.

Though her meddlesome nature has brought on much of the distrust she suffers, Popillick is quick to forget the consequences of her actions. It is not uncommon for her to start putting together her next big joke while completely ignoring the outcome of another.

For whatever reason, traders seem to suffer the brunt of Popollick's ridicule. Some speculate that this is brought on by disgruntled customers.


Temple Coordinates: [32,29] Tamesden Town

The goddess of wild beasts and the hunt. Yiella is portrayed usually as a bold, muscular woman with spear and shield in hand. She stands for all hunters who engage their quarry fairly. Poachers and those who are less than noble in their pursuits have often drawn the ire of Yiella and sometimes find themselves living the rest of their days as that which they have pursued.

Yiella wears an elaborate head-dress of feathers plucked from the dark bird Droxx. She has also been known to take the form of the most dangerous beasts in order to test the mettle of mortals she may fancy.


These are deities classically associated with negative deeds.


Temple Coordinates: [35,15] Pescombe

The deity of trickery and lies, Cezil is known for his ever-changing shapes as well as his complete and utter lack of honor. Cezil is a notorious back-stabber who will turn on even the most faithful servant if it suits a fleeting whim. Many a lonely widow has welcomed a long-lost husband into bed only to wake up to find her valuables taken. Absent-minded elders sometimes find their entire lives' savings borrowed away by a grandchild who never actually existed. As such, Cezil has accumulated such an embarrassment of riches that he has been forced to hide most of this wealth where he believes no one will come upon it.

Long ago, a great helmet worn by a powerful warrior mage was stolen from one of Sigmut's temples. It is widely believed that Cezil was behind this astounding heist, and that one day he will find his own champion to don this mystical item.


Temple Coordinates: [25,26] Arkwood

The sick, anxious feeling in the pit of a warlord's stomach right before his final defeat. An unheard cry for help from a royal man who has fallen from safety and is left in the dirt to die. Such things feed the dark passions of Gulgorn. The lord of decay and destruction finds nothing more rewarding than watching a very powerful mortal topple from a very high position.

Gulgorn's desire for ruin does not end there, however. Great castles and monuments (as well as anything else in which mortals find some sense of pride) have been torn to the ground in Gulgorn's name.

It is sometimes said that when a fly buzzes in one's ear, it is merely wondering if that person has paid tribute to Gulgorn lately.

The term "by Gulgorn's good graces" is usually used to express very little chance of success. As an example: "I'm sure the dragon won't give us any trouble! ... by Gulgorn's good graces."


Temple Coordinates: [36,4] Quince Town

It is said that before the beginning, there was nothing. Nothingness itself became mad and in a particularly violent fit, turned itself completely inside-out. Thusly nothingness brought about all things. Primortal, the deity of oblivion and terror, has often tried to reverse this process and once again bring about utter emptiness.

Primortal is not above terrorizing or devouring even the lowliest mortals simply to feed his insatiable desire for fear and helplessness. He often manifests himself as mish-mashes of various frightening creatures. The majority who survive personal encounters are children - most of whom mature into broken, wretched servants of Primortal himself.


Temple Coordinates: [45,15] Taisel Village

All-consuming madness is the ultimate pleasure of Tilleria. She enjoys the poking and prodding of mortal minds - always to the very brink, then straight off into the abyss. It is not uncommon for Tilleria to "play" with the minds of those who are teetering on the edge of insanity, watching with the utmost attention and delight before giving them a final soft push with her little finger.

Not simply content to delight in the manipulation of waking minds, Tilleria is also a driving force behind the most violent and disturbing nightmares. Legend says that she drinks from a cup used to catch the blood of executed madmen. She then kisses the lips of slumbering mortals to bring about horrific night terrors. These gripping traumas often leave mortals mindless, raving lunatics for the rest of their days.


The currently known offspring of the above deities.


A great dark bird, perched atop the tree upon which black hearts grow. Droxx is the shunned offspring of Cezil and Tilleria. Droxx took the form of an ancient, black bird and left his unwelcoming home shortly after his birth. He now finds contentment in watching over the most evil mortals, protecting them from justice.

When a doomed man's noose breaks or a dungeon fails to keep a prisoner contained, guards and executioners are often heard to curse Droxx beneath their breaths.


Seemingly a powerful evil warrior like many others, Goddex fought his way into the gaze of the dark deities. With their assistance, he returned time and again to menace the realm of DragonSpires, seeing to wrest power way from the royal family. Only after his ultimate defeat on the mortal plane did Goddex learn of his origins. His true father, Sigmut, has forsaken him due to the very misdeeds the dark deities encouraged.

Goddex can usually be found surrounded by ranks of cultusts allied with the dark deities.


One of a pair of twins born to Yiella and a mortal man. Kandon is usually depicted as a burly, bald man with a jovial disposition. It has been said that he tills forest soil to inspire new growth, and that he moves massive boulders to create new streams and rivers.

Kandon embodies the spirit of living off the land, having supposedly used timber from the most massive trees to construct a grand hunting lodge for his fellow deities. Kandon hefted the logs, erected the structure, and even drove the nails by hand.


One of a pair of twins born to Yiella and a mortal man, Kesprel is a stoic and wise being. More often than not, he takes the form of an owl when interacting with mortals. The harmony of forest life is his symphony. He guards the secrets of the darkest, deepest woods closely, and has been rather forceful in deterring encroachment from mortals. Above all, Kesprel is peaceful and contemplative by nature; more than willing to share bits and pieces of enlightenment with the rare worthy listener.


Said to have been born of the soil and blood drawn in battle from the God of valor, Sigmut. Upalt is widely considered a warlord who commands a massive dark army. Upalt has fallen far from his origins, completely disregarding the honor and rules of engagement set forth by his "father".

Upalt is easy to disappoint, and even quicker to enrage. It has been whispered that many of Upalt's former generals rest forever in a statuary, turned to living stone. New recruits in his army are often taken to this unknown location to bear witness to the destruction of a statue, which serves as a good incentive to avoid failure.

Lesser-Known DeitiesEdit

Buforan DeitiesEdit


The most common symbol of worship within Buforan circles is the stoic, contemplative ancient prophet "Goldbelly". The teachings of Goldbelly specifically encourage pride in oneself and the persuit of mortal pleasures while expanding the understanding of one's place within the "grand ecosystem".

Goldbelly is usually depicted as a reclining Buforan with a large, golden stomach and a generally pleased expression.

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