Description The Doom Wraiths are a cluster of four evil spirits, bound to the service of whomever possesses them. These manifestations of hatred itself screech and curse in unsettling voices as they eternally whirl and spiral around each other.
Type Pet
Usage When player selects [use] the following text is displayed:
A small group of Doom Wraiths whirl and whip around <Player>, eventually settling in the air just above their head. The wraiths make taunting remarks and spit etherial flames.
Maximum Stack 1
Cost to Buy This item cannot be purchased.
Selling Price This item cannot be sold.
Maximum Upgrades This item cannot be upgraded.
How to Obtain Goddex

Weapon Statistics
Damage 7-12 Damage
Chance To Hit 67% Chance to Hit
Average Damage 6.37 Damage per Attack
Average Damage With All Skills

Game Information

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