(3,6) A Cave in Mern.

Store DescriptionEdit

Currently on a shared lease with a temperamental Green Dragon, Draaj's Cave-In Emporium is the longest running proprietorship in existence (probably). It has long been a destination for travelers whist visiting her flatmate, the dragon, for an afternoon tea. For that reason, Draaj has made it her mission to stock many bandages for tea related injuries, such as burns, lacerations, and missing limbs. Note: Draaj's Cave-In Emporium does not supply light sources for it's customers.

Bill of Goods*Edit

Item Price
Trader Handbook 999999 Coins
Large Bandages 5 Coins
Bandages 3 Coins

* Items listed here may or may not be readily available upon your visit to the shop.

These are items that Draaj typically stocks. Other items may appear on a promotional basis. Check back often for additional items.

Special OrdersEdit

Draaj has an extensive collection of items currently in storage in her warehouse. Many of these items are too valuable to have on display or do not have any notable marketable presence. Leave her a message, and she will get back to you regarding the stocking status, and price. If she does not have that particular item, she may, at her discretion, offer to procure that item in a timely manner.

Current PromotionsEdit

12 Months FinancingEdit

Draaj's Cave-In Emporium is always running a 12 Months no Payments no interest promotion upon a down-payment of 100% the asking price of an item. Please see a sales associate for more details. Purchase must be made on a certified Draaj card. Applications can be found at the front desk. Pending Credit Approval. Draaj has the right to deny to extend credit to any individual at their discretion.

Store HoursEdit

  • Monday - Friday : 0:00 AM - 23:59 PM
  • Saturday : 0:00 AM - 23:59 PM
  • Sunday : 0:00 AM - 23:59 PM

Store HistoryEdit

Days after DragonSpire law permitted the creation of new jobs through entrepreneurship, Draaj began operations in Mern to supply Bandages to the needy and the less needy. Shortly thereafter, a new bylaw was created, no longer allowing traders to set up shops in the wilderness or underwater. Thankfully, the Emporium grandfathered this rule, and has lasted ever since.

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