No payment is required to play Scroll Wars. This game is free to play, and always will be.

If you've enjoyed Scroll Wars and want to help support it, please feel free to make a donation in any amount below.

Donation Rewards

The following are in-game rewards for donations as per amount donated.

  • $5: Players who donate $5 or more will receive a custom title.
Titles cannot be more than 20 characters long. Once someone chooses a custom title, it is theirs and cannot be chosen again.
Vulgarities or other such unacceptable titles will be refused. In that event, said player will be able to request a different title.
  • $20: Donations of $20 or more will receive a custom title and a Platinum Coin Ring only available to those who choose to help support Scroll Wars!
  • $30: Crazy people who wish to donate $30 or more will receive one custom title, one Platinum Coin Ring, and a partridge in a pear... No wait... No partridge, but a Scroll Wars T-Shirt item to proudly wear in-game or perhaps to set fire to!
  • $50: Lunatics who wish to donate $50 or more will receive one custom title, one Platinum Coin Ring, a Scroll Wars T-Shirt, and a Winged Serpent Staff, which will be a magic conductor.

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, players may opt to donate $50 to have a custom item added to their inventory. This item will have the exact same stats as any item currently in the player's possession. The player may choose the name, and description of the item as well as any [use] text displayed, which may be edited/rewritten by Mo.

Thanks for playing!

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(We will do our best to make sure these funds are not misappropriated by Gulgorn, Tilleria, Cezil, Primortal, or any combination thereof.)

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