Your Event logEdit


The Event Log.

  • The Event Log is the report of your last operations in the game.
  • Attack, healing, consuming food, hiding, casting a spell, are only a few of the actions that will be notified in the Event Log.
  • The Event Log furthermore reports other players interactions with your character.
  • You being attacked, healed, killed, given an item or coins for example.
  • The Event Log will also inform you of Events which will be notified in bold fonts.
  • Game designer and programmer can broadcast special announcements who also will be notified in bold fonts.

Edit your Event LogEdit

  • If you want the Event log to show more operations or less operations, you can edit the Logs in your Profile under Edit Profile
  • A quick guide can be found here Edit Profile

Important LogsEdit

Where is my corpse? Where is my body?

  • When you have an accident, die in the process, and no other player casts Zombify during the 5 days following your demise, you corpse will be transported to one of the multiple Cemeterys in the Main Realm, the coordinates to the cemetery you are decomposing in will be notified in the Event Log along with following text in bold:

In the interest of preventing rampant stench, a kind soul has carried your rotting corpse to "Name_Of_Cemetery" (Coordinates) and has heaved it into a pauper's grave, along with a few others who were probably dead as well.

  • To learn more about the Graveyard go here: Graveyard

Random ActionEdit


  • Here, we highlighted the Event Log which you can find above the Discussion Lines, where the fool just broadcasted 'Test'.
  • The action in this case is your character hiding, behind a monument, quite a dwarfing feeling.
  • The moment you stop hiding, the Event log will of course announce this too, for example: You come out from the shadows.

Attack on an NPCEdit


  • Once you attack an NPC, here a Small Green Snake you will get a list of hits and misses on your part and of the attacks and counterattacks of the NPC.

NPC KillEdit


  • Once you kill the NPC, it will be notified along with the item and coins you find on the corpse.
  • In this case, a pair of Snake Fangs, and not a single coin.


Passive PVPEdit

Event attack

  • If a Player attacks you, the Event Log will show the name of the Player and the damage dealt as much as his misses or him hitting that oversized shield of yours.
  • Gone420's Royal Scimitar hits your shield.
  • Gone420 hits you with a Royal Scimitar for 17 damage.

Active PVPEdit


  • If you attack a Player, the Event log will show you the name of the Player, the damage you dealt as much as your misses and in this case, her Thorn Armor spiking you.
  • You try to hit Etoile with a Royal Scimitar but miss. (2 times)
  • You hit Etoile with a Royal Scimitar for 16 damage and leech 5 HP.
  • You try to hit Etoile with a Royal Scimitar but miss.
  • You hit Etoile with a Royal Scimitar for 16 damage and leech 5 HP.
  • Etoile's armour spikes you for 3 damage.
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