A place to trade seafood products.

Bill of GoodsEdit

Name Buy Sell Description
Mussel 4 2 This is a deeply curved black mussel. It is shut very tightly.
Clam 8 4 This is a moderately sized gray clam. It is closed very tightly.
Knife 5 1 This is a small knife.


Store Name Coords Town
Somebody Fishmonger (7,4) Main Town
Peinke Seafood (31,4) Quince Town
Marbler Fishmonger (33,11) Quince Town
Gringri Fishmonger (5,15) Bissom_Town
Tanlinger's Seafood (39,13) Pescombe
Ikelly Fishmonger (45,12) Taisel Village
Spitnik Fishmonger (15,30) Thones Village
Scauldman Grill (20,25) Thones Village
Bunkley's Seafood (45,30) Hornet Town
Nilly Larsen Seafood (8,35) Shokan Hills
Narkmen Seafood (11,31) Archen Town
Pelly's Seafood (47,34) Magog Village
Mordge Seafood (10,48) Kelden
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