Furs pelts
A store that buys furs and pelts.

Bill of GoodsEdit

Name Buy Sell Description
Dragon Scale N/A 150 This is a large, tough dragon scale. The surface is shimmering and bright.
Wolf Pelt N/A 20 This is a rough and matted wolf pelt.
Wool N/A 15 This is some soft, clean wool.
Giant Rat Pelt N/A 4 This is a flea-bitten giant rat pelt.
Giant Spider Fang N/A 2 This is a curved, razor-sharp giant spider fang.
Small Snake Skin N/A 1 This is a small, intact snake skin.
Knife 5 1 This is a small knife.
Giant Crab Shell N/A 5 This is an intact, colorful giant crab shell.
Gorgon Skin N/A 100 This is a shining, scaley yellow Gorgon skin.
Ogre Skin N/A 10 This is a rough, heavy ogre skin.
Gremlin Skin N/A 5 This is a small, leathery gremlin skin.
Human Skin N/A 20 This is a thin, worn human skin.


Store Name Coords Town
Tyla's Furs & Pelts (8,7) Main Town
Sprums Furs & Pelts (16,7) Mallidae Village
Darkwether Furs & Pelts (27,5) Drokmoore
Alechug's Furs and Pelts (28,16) Fenrin Village
Zaginthar's Furs and Pelts (13,21) Thones Village
Bim's Furs & Pelts (27,22) Arkwood
Armin's Furs & Pelts (35,28) Tamesden Town
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