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New Player Questions

Q. I am a newbie! What do I do now?! Waugh!

A. Check out the Scroll Wars Wiki Main Page for more information on Locations, Items, and other things you will need to know to get started. Above all, have fun and explore! (Remember, death is a temporary state in the realm of DragonSpires! Don't get discouraged if you're beaten to a pulp straight off.)

Q. How do I restore my Health Points?

A. Healing areas, such as clinics and healeries, appear on the map in pink. Enter and search to find bandages. Alternately, you can buy bandages at General Stores, or food at Grills, Cafes, and Produce Stands. Once you have a healing item in your inventory, click it to restore some Health Points. You can be healed by other players if they have the Healing Touch or Health Transfer Skill, or you can heal yourself if you have the Heal Self Skill.

Q. What is Karma, and how do I raise or lower it?

A. Karma represents the nature of your character. Depending on the number at any given moment, a character may be ranked as evil, good, nice, heroic, or another description of that type. You can raise Karma by performing good deeds, and lower it performing bad ones. For example, killing a 'good' character will lower your Karma, while killing a 'bad' character will raise your Karma. Zombifying any character--regardless of his/her Karma--always results in a Karma increase.

Q. How Do I Get Money?

A. While some monsters drop coins, as a new player you'll find it much easier to search for quartz inside pits, or shellfish in the water areas of the map. You can sell these as a source of income. Note, however, that you need to sell your items to the appropriate vendor. For example, you can sell quartz pieces to a gem shop, but not to a seafood restaurant.

Q. What are coordinates, and how do I use them?

A. Your coordinates is a set of two numbers used to determine where you are on the map. Each realm has it's own set of coordinates. To find your current coordinates, hover your mouse over the tile you are on in your map and look at the lower left of the screen. The numbers at the end of the address are your coordinates.

Q. What does it mean when someone is Unconscious?

A. An unconscious player is a player who was killed, either by an NPC or another player and has been resurrected using the Zombify skill. That player can not move for 30-40 minutes, depending on their location. Other players can not attack, Siphon Magic, Pickpocket, or give items to this player until they stand up.

Q. What are guilds, and how can I join one?

A. A guild is a group of players, often with a common goal. Some guilds can be joined by simply finding their guild page and clicking "Join," while others require the player to be invited in by someone with the ability to do so. Many guilds have pages on this wiki, where you can request to join on their talk page.

Q. How do I gain experience?

A. Experience, XP, or EXP can be gained through several different acts; fighting monsters and other players, healing other players, and siphoning magic from other players.

Q. What are Barriers?

A. Barriers are magical spells that can be learned through a magic manual. There are various types of barriers available to players in the game, such as the Barrier of Trust, which allows only guild members and their allies to enter a square, Barriers of Light and Darkness, which only allow players of a specific alignment into a building, Auras of Peace which negate any PvP activities in the building, and Monster Wards which stop NPCs from entering a building.

Dead Character Questions

Q. I am a ghost! What do I do now?! Boo!

A. Find a Temple. These are the purple buildings named "Temple of..." and all that. Once inside you will be able to resurrect. You will see a button beneath the map view labelled "Resurrect". You may also find some unnatural methods of resurrection as time goes on.

Q. How do I get back what I had when I died?

After resurrecting you'll need to go back to the place you died and reclaim your items. (Again, there will be a new button beneath the map view when you are next to your former corpse.)

Q. Why don't people talk to me after I've died?

No one can hear you when you are a ghost, except other ghosts. For now.

Q. Where can I stay without being killed?

A. Find a building in a remote area and go inside. Right now the best you can do is work toward the "Hiding" skill. You will be protected until someone searches for you. Eventually there will be more ways to keep safe. If you are in a guild, your guild-mates may have a safehouse set up for you to hide behind a barrier. However, these barriers degrade over time and can be ripped down by other players.

Q. Aww, Crud. Someone Zombified me! What does this mean?

A. All this means is that someone resurrected you through dark magic as opposed to the "normal" method as stated above. As a Zombie, you simply stand up without any MP and with horrendously low HP. You will be able to be healed and can get back on your feet if you manage to avoid trouble. There is a small time penalty before you can stand up when you Zombified -- since your system needs to recover from the shock of it all.

Game Aid Questions

Q. Where can I find a map of the land of DragonSpires?

A. A map of the entire DragonSpires: Scroll Wars world can be found here: Total World Map You can also access specific cities and areas here: World Map

Q. Where can I ask something that wasn't covered here?

A. You can ask via the "Discussion" page here. Just click "Discussion" at the very top of this page and leave your question there.

Q. Can I send you some ideas?

A. Most definitely, right here! We greatly value the input of our players. Without them, there is no game! That said, the final descision on what is or is not added to the game belongs solely to the creators. Suggestions that have a lot of support or make a lot of sense will most definitely carry weight with us. We realize that the players are the most important part of any MMORPG, and our ears are open. Don't expect immediate implimentation of your "Make a keyblade and super sayjin class" suggestion, but "Here's how you can make the game more fair, balanced, or immersive..." will be viewed by the Scroll Wars staff with much attention.

Game Rules & Guidelines

Q. Can I have multiple characters?

A. Yes, but they cannot work toward the same goal or inhabit the same area. This means you may not use Alts (alternate characters) to work together for common cause. Penalties will be swift, terrifying, and unbiased.

Q. Does that mean that I'm still allowed to interact with the same people using different characters?

A.Yes and No. You are allowed to talk to other players using alts, however you cannot attack, heal, give items, and so on with alts. Only one of your characters may interact with a given player within a 8 hour period. If you play with someone from the same IP their characters may be considered alts of yours, so be careful!

Q. Is killing/attacking other players allowed?

A. Yes, but those who do kill other players are often looked down upon, and are often hunted in large numbers by the more honorable players. Attacking other players is good source of XP, but make sure to fully heal them afterwards to avoid them coming to reclaim the lost HP in the form of your death.

Q. Hi, I've never used the internet before, so I don't know this... Is spamming the broadcast crystal allowed?

A. No! It should be clear already that this action is not welcomed by any internet site, chatroom, messenger or community, and will not be tolerated.

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