The Birth of GoddexEdit

The son of a wealthy and much fabled adventurer once sought the heart and the vast kingdom of a beautiful young heiress.

Spurned by this heiress, the young suitor threw away his hero's ancestry and his family's riches to travel the realm of Trygia... seeking vast power and an army with which to destroy the very lands he could not rule.

Amid the war-ravaged ruins of Trygia, this young man gained the attention of the dark deities. However, his brutality and determination were watched with amusement, not admiration. The dark deities pushed fiercer and more frightening creatures into the path of this man, who had been trained by the finest warriors and mages that money could buy.

Finally, Gulgorn grew tired of the young man's exploits and called upon one of his beloved pets, an all-consuming worm beast called the Trumlack. After a battle spanning the course of twelve days, the young man was bloodied, broken, and carrying the Trumlack's severed head. Gulgorn was less than pleased and quickly called forth one of the Trumlack's spawn, seeking to create an even fiercer and more disgusting pet to devour this mortal.

Cezil, having always been one to look for his own possible gain in the suffering of others, convinced the other dark deities to give this man a mere moment of consideration. Perhaps, once heard, this desperate little man would present some sort of opportunity to them.

Amid a void of darkness, the young man knelt before the four dark deities and made his case. He asked for power beyond any living mortal, and a great army with which to rule his realm.

Primortal, master of the void remained quiet as Cezil, Gulgorn and Tilleria discussed how best to torture and dispose of this mortal who dared insult them with a mere plea for help.

The slightest gesture from Primortal caused them to fall silent. Though hardly a gesture at all, it spared this brash young man from an unspeakable fate. Though thankful, even the spared mortal was astounded by a stay of execution. None would dare call Primortal a benevolent being.

Without so much as a utterance, the other dark deities seemed to take heed of Primortal's will.

Thus, this young man, covered in the blood and scars of battle, was transformed. Filled to the breaking point with dark, unholy magic and the slightest mote of the deities' dark power, he was reborn.

Now, Goddex stood before the deities. No longer kneeling, even to them. Far from their equal, but no longer a mere insect to them.

Tilleria spoke simply... "Go now."

The First InvasionEdit

For days on end, Goddex laid waste to Prespon Castle, home of a royal family and, more importantly, the young lady who had spurned him.

Following Goddex was a tremendous army of cultists, each a follower of one of the dark deities. Their unity in battle was remarkable given their past differences. Their brute strength and powerful magic were focused with cold and calculating determination. It was as if their every action was dictated from beyond the mortal realms.

Seeing the disaster befalling the historic castle, and knowing that their homes and families would be next, the citizens of DragonSpires pulled together in a fashion almost as unified as the cultists they destroyed. Though some old rivalries boiled to the surface, the citizens of this land held together just enough to begin turning the tides of war.

In the final stages of battle, the cultists began to fight among themselves, literally cannibalizing eachother. When the crimson mist settled, one of the cultists remained. His body was now bloated and massive in scale. This titan attempted to devour and destroy the remaining DragonSpirians, but in the end he too could not prevail.

In the tower of Prespon, Goddex fell before the combined might of his enemies. With the dark deities having seemingly abandoned him, Goddex was gruesomely slaughtered.

His spirit, however, would be called back to the hellish landscape of Trygia...

The ResurrectionEdit

Goddex once again found himself humilated before the dark deities. Now they seemed all the more insulted by his presence. However, they showed an unusual amount of mercy (or so it would seem) and let Goddex plead his case yet again.

Goddex swore that, if the dark deities gave him a second chance, gave him enough power... he would shatter the realm of DragonSpires and claim its inhabitants as Trygian slaves.

Cezil grinned, and before him appeared two robed cultists. These followers of Cezil in turn supplied a large wooden chest. Upon opening this chest, Goddex set eyes upon the fabled Helmet of Sigmut - a stolen artifact once belonging to the war deity himself!

Goddex was more than happy to recieve this honor, and donned the helmet of Sigmut immediately. Cezil explained that he had been long waiting to find a champion worthy of wearing the powerful stolen item, and in Goddex he had found this man.

With renewed zeal and the blood lust of an enraged beast, Goddex once again struck out against the land of DragonSpires - with thousands of dark cultists at his side.

His helmet protected him well, and his incredible stamina ensured that the battle was bloody and drawn-out. The cultists themselves fought to the death, each and every one of them.

Though the entire realm shook from the power of Goddex's mighty blows, it once again was not meant to be.

In the end, it took only a moment's weakness for the Helmet of Sigmut to be removed and spirited far away from Goddex's grasp... after which he soon fell to mortal wounds inflicted in the final throes of battle.

The dark deities would once again speak with Goddex. This time, however, Goddex would not be recieved so kindly.

The EndgameEdit

To be completed...

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