Where is my body?

The Graveyard is the place you go to reclaim your corpse if no fellow player cast Zombify on your corpse during the 5 days after you died.

  • Once the time limit of 5 days has passed, the body gets transported to a random Cemetery in the main realm.
  • The coordinates indicating the location of the Cemetery will be notified in your Event Log and in the Notes section.
  • The Event Log will contain following message (note that the coordinates (9,4) are merely used for demonstration purposes) :

In the interest of preventing rampant stench, a kind soul has carried your rotting corpse to "Zambrot Cemetery" (9,4) and has heaved it into a pauper's grave, along with a few others who were probably dead as well.

  • In our case, the coordinates we used (9,4), tell us that the corpse has been buried in Zambrot Cementery which can be found in Main Town.
  • Now go get the shovel, and dig.


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