Green Dragon hunting


This guide is for hunting the Green Dragon, a unique monster in the Scroll Wars world. The guide will give you some basic information on the monster in question such as the HP and resistances. It will also give you some suggestions on which items you should bring, skills you should have and how many people you should bring.

The Green DragonEdit

The Green Dragon has a massive 300 hit points. The Dragon drops 1000 coins, , which will easily fill up your bank and also drops, Dragon Scales, Gold Sceptre, Gold Chalice, Gold Crown, Gold Bust, Dragon Claws, Gold Statuette, Gold Gauntlets, Gold Bowl when killed. When fighting the beast, you should know that it has resistances of about 7-10 and is capable of hitting up to twenty in damage.

Where to find the DragonEdit

The Green Dragon lives in Mern, which can be reached by going to A Clearing (31,21). Once in Mern, you will need to find A Cave (3,6), in which the dragon resides (although it might wander around sometimes, but if it's not in the cave, it should be somewhere nearby). You need to enter the cave to fight the monster, but beware as it is very deadly.

Supplies, people and other essentialsEdit

The first thing you should gather is people. I would recommend getting as many people as possible. A guild is perfect for something like this, if you can get guildmates, even better! The faster you can attack, the better off you are. You need to pile on as much damage as possible to kill this thing. The next item you should bring is bandages, stockpile these, you WILL need them. Don't expect to come back alive without some. You should also know where the nearest temple and clinic is located at. You have access to a clinic about five steps north, and the Temple of Yiella just a bit south.

Recommended skillsEdit

Some people might point out certain skills, and give reasons to why they are absolutely essential to your survival. Others will just come out and say it, I would recommend you max out all of them before you even attempt this Unique monster. It doesn't hurt to have all of them, even if most are useless when fighting this battle. Just having a lot of HP and MP to attack the beast is good enough. I would also recommend that you use as much magic as possible. Hit the Dragon with everything you have magic wise and then go melee. You should do this because the Dragon's resistances are very high and you'll be hitting more zeros than you can count.


Be prepared, know your enemy and it's weakness. Try and bring the whole clinic with you. A few other people wouldn't hurt. Just keep hitting away at the Dragon until it drops it's nice loot. Don't be surprised if you're killed quickly, just remember that there is a nearby clinic AND temple. Don't give up fighting this creature, and you will succeed

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