Aces Tavern Veterans
Abbreviation: ATV
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Owner: Jack Flask (pictured above)
Goals: Maintain a peaceful watering hole where friends and enemies alike can drink in peace
Recruitment policy: Invite only
Contact: Just post in discussion

"Ahh, what's this then? Customers? Come in, make yerself at home! Sit down and have a pint, and ah'll tell yeh a story."

"Aces Tavern was once a lovely ol' place, a quiet li'l pub where folks from all different kinds o' guilds could put aside their differences and have a drink. Things were goin' just nicely, well, aside from the occasional bastard who tried to muck up the whole place with an axe."

"Aces was owned by a man by the name o' Willy Smogg. Will was a decent sort o' man, liberal in his beer-sharin' policies and a good hand with an axe. Will ran the Tavern fer quite some time, but one day ran afoul o' some real tough folks from some even tougher guilds. Will's happy li'l pub was soon wrecked by some nasty folk, and Will hung up his apron and went a-wanderin'. They say he's still wanderin' today, though no one's quite sure where he's goin' or what he's lookin' for."

"Now that ol' Willy's took to the road, ah've decided to re-open the ol' joint. Ah'll open mah doors to anyone who wants a drink, provided they leave their troubles at the door. Ah'll have no killin' in mah bar, though ah've been know tae turn a blind eye to the occasional brawl."

"So, welcome to the grand re-opening o' Aces Tavern. Pull up a seat, leave yer axe at the door, and have a pint on meh. Cheers."--Jack Flask 20:50, 19 October 2006 (PDT)

Location Edit

"Just get yerself down ta 24,13 in Fenrin Village. In the event o' yer gruesome death, there's a temple a little ways to the north for ye to resurrect in."

Members Edit

"So far ah've managed ta win over a few o' the ol' boozers, which ah guess is a start."

"As o' now we've got only two o' the ol' crew, Zydd Soral and Slim Collins. "

Joining Edit

"If yeh want ta make Aces Tavern yer full time home, we've got an open membership policy, provided we like yer looks. If yer profile is a load o' brain-numbin' shite, don't bother applyin', and if yeh can't type legibly, piss off."

Aces tavern Regulars smallAces Tavern

This player and/or guild gets all their drinks at the Aces Tavern! Cheers!

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