Cauldman Forest Outlaws
Abbreviation: CFO
Group Numbers: 2
Leadership: Durgan Krole
Goals: Steal from the rich and give to the poor, and keep a little for ourselves
Recruitment policy: Actively Recruits
Contact: Speak with Durgan Krole or any other member


" Hail and many greetings to thee, lone wanderer. I am Durgan Krole,

and behind me is my band of merry souls. I see you are burdened

with the task of carrying a hefty coin purse, allow us to take

a little weight off your belt so your further travels may be more

comfortable. And worry not, I shall make sure your contribution goes

to the good folk of Dragonspire with room to spare in their own purse."

Our Purpose Edit

Like the legendary hero Robin Hood, the Cauldman Forest Outlaws strive to protect the weak and give supplies to the poor, with the unwilling contribution of the rich and evil of course.

Our Sanctuary Edit

Cauldman Forest is called home by the Outlaws. Being one of the largest woodland areas in Dragonspire, it offers many areas to hide amongst the trees and swamps, aswell as a variety of beasts and monsters to test ones mettle and keep their skills sharp as their blade. Not only does it provide cover and great combat experience, it also has a large source of food to be found in its ponds, which can be traded for gold at any near by fishmonger.

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