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Crossman Defense Force
Abbreviation: CDF
Group Numbers: 23
Leadership: The General
Goals: Protect Mount Crossman Tower
Recruitment policy: Semi-Open
Contact: The forums


A group centred around defending Mount Crossman Tower (44,15).

Not affiliated with Crossman Defense Force of the Urban Dead.

General InformationEdit

The Crossman Defense Force is based in the tower of the same name and consists of an unknown amount of survivors interested defending the tower.

The official Crossman Defense Force forum can be found here!

Enemies of the CDFEdit

Only groups with wiki page listed here.

Problem players, problem groups. Contact us for more info.

Enemy Players Enemy Guilds Allied Guilds




The Way of One

United Player Killers

Aces Tavern Veterans

Dragon's Gullet Tavern

Jedaz Delivery Company

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Recruitment PolicyEdit

Due to recent pking attacks, the guild has been made invite only. If you wish to join, either post on the talk page or the forum with a link to your profile, or ask us in-game.

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