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Jan d'Alvi
Shibito Ichi

Legendary Guard
* Lejes
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* Bloodyapock

Rules1 Guild Rules:
#1 Thou may Choose
All members of DOoAD acknowledge a players free will and right to choose who they will or will not attack, kill, or loot.
Thou Will Perish
Members are expected to have a relaxed attitude to death. Even if death comes at the hand of a guild mate.
#3 Thou Shall Grin
That's from time to time, and enjoy your stay with us.
oooh yeah...
Have fun...and respect your fellow players...(It's a game after all)

Allied Guilds

Ever changing and based on Guild needs. Not immune to PK policy! Do not be surprised if a member of these Guilds slays you, but think twice before attacking!

valign=top |Divine Order of Assisted Death is a laid-back guild. We don't stress about organization, HQ's, or in game death, yet we do have objectives of sorts. Player Killing (PK) is our bread and butter. We do so without malice or regrets, much to the horror of many. This style of play is often frowned upon, and many a disgruntled player will seek our heads on pikes, so be forewarned!
Keep in mind you do NOT have to PK to be in this guild!

Guild Deities




Nothing short of Total Entropy, while delighting in the manipulation of mortals minds as they descend into madness...

The Training of Aspiring Peasants

This is one of the guild's top priorities, strangely enough. The Elite Guard, who are the highest ranking members, have a wealth of knowledge regarding strategy, cheap tactics, and techniques. They are always on hand to lend any advice you may need! We feel it is important to get a new players foot in the door, so to speak, and are thrilled when a member gains the primary aspects of the game. Then they can move on to a different guild, rise in the ranks to become part of the Elite Guard, or even create a guild of their own!

The Woes of PK

Death is a touchy subject, and many feel a genuine hurt and sense of loss when their persona is killed. For this reason, it is a common, unspoken rule to spare those level 10 or lower (unless you are level 10 or lower).
This is expected of us when interacting with other players and guilds! The penalties are yours alone to bear if you choose to kill lower level players on a regular basis!

Guild Enforcers are also on hand to crack the proverbial whip to those who make themselve's easy prey.
They are responsible for ensuring the guild has the best hunters; they are excellent trainers in all manners of evasion and combat. They will kill you if you have become predictable or if they find you sleeping and may even loot you dry. It is their job.
Enforcers are requested to suspend any in-guild hunting during an actual raid or during guild NPC Hunts, though a simple announcement of such an intention is acceptable as well.

Lèse Majesté

Disrespect of fellow players has little place here and is one of our greatest enemies. It is defined as a lack of respect, esteem, or courteous regard. While playful insults, jibes, and outright loathing are tolerated and even enjoyed, an exchange of racial, ethnic, lifestyle choice, religion, or gender slurs will quickly earn you the title of Troll and a trip to the catapult. New players are, of course, allowed time to settle in and create their persona. All incidents will be handled by group discussion on a case by case basis.

Established players who join our ranks and/or who are older than our guild will not be expected to change their persona; it is their personal style of play.


These are the members who have had the misfortune of being ejected from the Guild by way of a heavy catapult:

M00T- for the crime of stuffing a players PM box with nonsense, and wasting precious killing time.

Funnytool-suspected spy and collaborator of an enemy faction. Last words to DOoAD, "I will kill you all." LULZ

Returning to the Fold

There are occasions when a player decides or is forced to leave for varied reasons. If the player is not an Excommunicate, they are welcomed for readmission. However, the player may or may not have to pay guild dues based on group vote of the currently active members. This may include a 'bribe' of coin, an assassination, a quest for a rare (or multitude of common) item(s), or anything our deranged twisted minds can come up with.

Open Kill Policy

Rule #1 is a tricky matter to address. A side effect is desertion, as some are unable to cope with the concept of allowing a player free choice. Those who overindulge the open kill policy shall be ejected from guild. This is entirely at the discretion of whoever is in charge. For the current leadership's point of view, please click Here

Reality Check

Clock of Doom

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