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Fishy Clan
Abbreviation: FC
Group Numbers: Varies
Leadership: Falcon
Goals: We provide assistance to new players, giving weaponry and supplies to get them started. See Fishy Clan entry for more details.
Recruitment policy: See Fishy Clan Recruitment or say you wish to join in the discussion page of this entry.

Fishy Clan

It is unknow if this guild is still active

One of the latest gulds to be created, the Fishy Clan has the mission to help out new players and get them on their way in the steadily growing DragonSpires: ScrollWars world. On joining, a player will be armed with a battle axe if required, and will be given 100 coins or so to spend on bandages and the like. If a player joins, they must swear to stay with the Fishy Clan until they reach Level 10, unless thrown out or are allowed to leave under special conditons. If a player leaves before they reach Level 10, they will be continuously hunted down, killed, and zombified for many a week to come. Fishy Clan HQ is located at Chudd Training Complex (14,11), comfortably situated next to the Temple of Heffren (15,11), close to Rilrik Bank (11,11), two General Stores ((11,12)(15,10)), and Chumnik Monument (13,12).

Please note, that if you are low-level and do not play the game for two weeks, we will assume you have quit the game. In this occasion, we remove you from our guild, to avoid having a guild full of unused and useless accounts.

Fishy Clan Recruitment

Note: Players can only become part of the Fishy Clan by doing one of the following, as you can only join via invite:

Go to Chudd Training Complex (14,11), and see if somebody is there, and ask to join.
Request to join in the discussion page of this entry.

Fishy Clan Ranking

Depending on what level you are, and how trustworthy you are, there are a number of ranks to be gained in the Fishy Clan. Here's the hierarchy:

1st - High King Fishy
2nd - Fish General
3nd - Fish Knight
4rd - Fish Soldier
5th - Fishy Clan Member
Starting at level 1 you are a Fishy Clan Member. Once you reach lvl 8, you gain the rank of Fish Soldier and gain 1000 coins. On reaching Lvl 20, you gain the rank of Fishy Knight and gain 10000 free gold. On reaching Lvl 35, you gain the rank of Fish General, and gain 15000 coins. On reaching Lvl 100, which is impossible, you gain the rank of High King Fishy and gain 1,500,000 coins.

Special Rankings

By helping the guild in certain ways you can gain special titles.

Here is the list of special titles given so far:
Guild Financier (GoldBlade)

Fishy Clan Members

Because of it is hard to maintain this list I only link it to the right place

Fish Clan Member List

Fishy Clan Relations

We extend a hand of friendship to all non-PKing, positive and neutral guilds. If you wish to ally, feel free to ask.

Allied Guilds

Aces Tavern Regulars
Nobility de Odicef

Enemy Guilds

United Player Killers (UPKers)
The Way of One

To-be-killed List

People who we want killed, usually for killing our members.

Sakahagi - Killed Akikotai, among others.
LordTunnel - Need we say anything? Annoying PKer, least liked person in the game.
Xolah - Attacked and killed several members, among others.
Korso - Attacked and killed many people in and outside of the guild. General annoying PKer.
Transcendence - Annoying PKer, attacked and killed several members and allies.

Fishy Clan Slogans

We here at Fishy Clan have a number of slogans:

"All for Cod, Cod for all!"
"Salmon up the courage and join us!"
"Chudd Training Complex - the Plaice to Be!"
"We worship the almighty Cod."
"One faction, one plaice, one future, one dace..."
"Here we come to save the day, armed with cod and rock and ray..."
"Kiss my Bass"
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