The Orphanage is run by a 7-year-old Anthropormoric hybrid named Sheaton, commonly shortened to just 'Shea'. This guild is both a negative and positive society. Females are dominate over the males, and Shea will only accept children into The Orphanage. She wishes to give other orphans the families they never had.

Ranks (in order)EditEdit

  • Queen - The dominant ruler, and the dominate gender in The Orphanage. Sheaton, the current queen, rules with an iron fist, but is very gracious.
  • King - The second dominant ruler, next to the Queen. He gives the Queen advice in her time of need. The King and Queen don't love each other, but that's up to the Queen to choose the king.
  • Guard - The protector of the King and Queen, the equivalent of a Knight.
  • Cura - A doctor/nurse, to treat the injured and ill in The Orphanage.
  • Enfant - The common member.
  • Unterste - The lowest rank. If you're a bad seed, cowardly, or just pathetic in general, this is where you go.


  • Respect other members, and especially your King and Queen.. unless you want an exile headed your way.
  • Sheaton will not tolerate the harassment of other members. You'll either be booted or kicked from the guild.
  • Try to refrain from causing drama outside of the game, please!
  • If there is a tresspasser, you will report to Sheaton and Sheaton only.
  • If you flee from the guild without any word, you will not be hunted down or killed the next time you come around. Sheaton will be upset about why you left, she'll only ask why. If she isn't in charge, the King will ask.
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