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Scroll Wars Guides and Manuals.

This is a collection of Guides created by the more experienced players of the game in order to try and help newbies along. If you wish to add your guide to it please feel free to do so. If you have any comments about any of the guides good or bad please leave them on the talk page of the guide. If you make a guide that doesn't have a category then feel free to add that category. If other people don't think that it's needed they'll remove it.

Getting StartedEdit

Please be advised that many player characters do not like being attacked for any reason. Using other characters to gain experience can be construed as malicious and violating, and may result in making many enemies. Be advised especially that hurting only one character might bring his/her whole guild out for revenge.

Advanced GuidesEdit

These guides are intended for higher-level characters. As the subjects described herein may be dangerous caution is recommended.

PvP GuidesEdit

Wiki GuidesEdit

Antiquated GuidesEdit

These guides and the information they contain might be severely anachronous, kept only as to preserve the document

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