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So, you've decided to give Scrollwars a try, have you? As you'll quickly discover, the world itself isn't all that interesting, just a collection of silent towns populated by wandering crowds of monsters. Where, you might ask, are your fellow players? Well, most if not all of the regular players of this game belong to guilds, and spend most of their time hiding out in their guild stronghold. A stronghold is a building protected by a barrier of trust. Those who don't belong to guilds usually play for a few days before dying at the hands of a PKer. So, if you want to have any kind of real fun, I recommend you join a guild immediately. Browse through the list of guilds in the wiki, find one you like, and ask to join on their discussion page.

Guilds: Friends, foes, enablers of alcoholism. Edit

Dragonspires is the home of a great many guilds, each with their own personal mission and attitude toward fellow players. Some guilds exist for the soul purpose of helping new players along, some to mercilessly hunt them down, and some exist just for the sake of existing. The real trick is finding one that suits you. Are you a kind-hearted soul, living only to help your fellow man? Perhaps you're a spiteful, evil type, who takes pleasure in the pain, suffering and gruesome death of others. Maybe you're just looking out for yourself, the rest of the world be damned. Rest assured my friend, somewhere in Dragonspires is a guild for you!

Positive Guilds Edit

'The CDF's status as a positive guild has been debated by some, due to the existence of some PKers in their ranks. However, their overall aim is mostly a positive one. Their number one priority is the defense of their stronghold, and the defeat of some of the game's more evil characters. The CDF is lead by the mysterious General, a powerful leader and master tactician.

Neutral Guilds Edit

'One of the Dragonspires' oldest and most powerful guilds. HaVoC doesn't really have a purpose to speak of, other than fierce loyalty to those in its ranks. HaVoC is very difficult to get into, due to their frosty admission policy. You will only be admitted if they decide they like you, which will take some time. In the meanwhile, do NOT get on their bad side. HaVoC is notorious for being the most merciless guild in Dragonspires when it comes to their enemies. HaVoC is lead by the beautiful Morgana, one of the game's most powerful players.

'While this guild would seem to be a positive one, its practices are not entirely benign. While the Fishies help out any and all new players, they have the curious practice of hunting and killing any who leave their clan before level 10. Join these folks if you plan on spending a lot of time leveling before actively participating in inter-guild affairs. Otherwise, steer clear.

'This guild isn't all that active, but provides some valuable services to the world. The members of this group act as messengers, delivering messages and items across the map to any who desire them, for a small price of course.

Taverns Edit

'The Dragon's Gullet is a relatively new establishment, conveniently located in Dragonspires' main town. It provides a loose, friendly atmosphere, and is a welcome refuge for most of the game's new players. The staff here is warm and friendly, and occasionally lead expeditions into the wild to help new members level up. The Tavern boasts a well-maintained barrier, keeping out the more sinister types, and as such is an ideal refuge for new players. Leaders of the game's more powerful guilds frequently pass through this tavern, making it an ideal place to meet the game's resident legends. It is owned by Durgan Krole, a former thief who has devoted his life to helping those in need.

' Dragonspires' oldest tavern, Aces is a favorite haunt of the world's rougher types. Barbarians, thieves, assassins and other folk have made this their preferred tavern, and as such it has built a powerful reputation. While meeker players are advised to steer clear, those who prefer their drinks a bit stronger than most will call this place home. This is a good spot to watch for the game's more powerful, legendary figures, and is a good refuge for those being chased by PKers. The highly trained staff maintains a strong barrier and are notorious for their especially brutal bouncers. It is owned by Jack Flask, a former soldier from distant lands.

Negative Guilds. Edit

'The Way of One serves as the game's greatest force of evil as of now. While its aims and goals are currently unknown, it still exists as a loose confederation of PKers. This guild is lead by Xolah, a mysterious villain who claims to speak for the dark god Cezil.

Good luck! Edit

I hope that these quick synopses have given you a basic understanding of the lay of the land. Now, pick a guild that you like and go forth into the strange land of Dragonspires!

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