Healeries, sometimes referred to as clinics are attractive pink buildings found throughout the world containing free healing supplies that restore your Hit Points. Bandages and Large Bandages may be found by searching inside while Adreni Herbs may be found searching outside. Here is a map showing a clinic closest to your location:


Store Name Coords Town
Nauna's Healerie (3,1) Main Town
Gryphons Clinic (4,6) Main Town
Chirru Clinic (8,6) Main Town
Thilio Clinic (12,2) Mallidae Village
Peacewell Clinic (16,3) Mallidae Village
Oona's Clinic (15,7) Mallidae Village
Peste's Healerie (30,8) Drokmoore
Castel Clinic (22,9) Drokmoore
Mamen Clinic (34,4) Quince Town
Fekdon's Healerie (36,9) Quince Town
Benchly Clinic (41,2) Alesville
Duken Clinic (48,5) Alesville
Portan Healerie (42,6) Alesville
Spracer's Clinic (10,16) Bissom_Town
Mary Lou's Clinic (2,20) Bissom_Town
Smei's Clinic (16,14) Jaikiel Town
Winnick Clinic (29,11) Fenrin Village
Degmar's Healerie (21,12) Fenrin Village
Gold Clinic (23,15) Fenrin Village
Tapeny's Clinic (40,11) Pescombe
Seechnick Healerie (32,12) Pescombe
Stone Hand Clinic (31,16) Pescombe
Lamelin's Healerie (38,18) Pescombe
Kaiser's Healerie (49,13) Taisel Village
Lilybloom Healerie (43,14) Taisel Village
Noesler Healerie (44,17) Taisel Village
Farfree Healerie (41,18) Taisel Village
Pillnek's Clinic (49,20) Taisel Village
Leemi's Clinic (15,22) Thones Village
Fang's Clinic (11,24) Thones Village
Winter Clinic (18,27) Thones Village
Blakhart Clinic (27,21) Arkwood
Dommer's Clinic (27,30) Arkwood
Chinler Clinic (39,21) Tamesden Town
Jeyfu's Clinic (38,25) Tamesden Town
Kladner's Healerie (34,30) Tamesden Town
Ayerane Healerie (49,25) Hornet Town
Pitman Clinic (41,27) Hornet Town
Boothe Clinic (43,30)) Hornet Town
Peiken Clinic (3,34) Shokan Hills
Uncher's Blacksmith (36,35) Shokan Hills
Bartoli's Clinic (1,40) Shokan Hills
Chamblain Healerie (11,33) Archen Town
Buntler Clinic (14,34) Archen Town
Tailen's Clinic (21,31) Maiden Village
Blorder Clinic (30,32) Maiden Village
Toaskem Healerie (23,36) Maiden Village
Terminich Clinic (39,32)) Redstone
Buggy's Healerie (39,39) Redstone
Princess Clinic (41,36) Magog Village
Pelican Clinic (47,39)) Magog Village
Gold Heart Healerie (5,41) Kelden
Pluck's Healerie (10,45) Kelden
Escamae's Clinic (20,46) Hordon Village
Gackon's Healerie (26,45) Nillywood Town
Plummy's Clinic (31,49) Erbatha
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