Health Points (Also known as Hit Points) are the basic unit of character health in DragonSpires. When your character reaches zero Hit Points s/he becomes dead, though s/he can always be brought back to life at the nearest temple using Resurrection.


An example of a player's Health Points.

Losing Health PointsEdit

Characters can lose Health Points by being attacked by NPCs (monsters) or other characters. When a character successfully attacks a target, the target loses Health Points equal to the damage the attack deals.

Gaining Health PointsEdit

Characters can restore health a number of ways:

  1. Food Items. Many foods in the DragonSpires world restore small quantities of health. These items can be purchased in fruit stands, grills, cafes, and other selected store locations.
  2. Heal Self. This spell takes 10 MP away from the character's Magic Points in exchange # for 5 Health Points.
  3. Bandages. These can be purchased at any General Store for 5 gold each. Simply click one in your inventory to restore 3 Health Points.
  4. Player Character Allies. Some players are more than happy to restore the health of other players using the Healing Touch spell for experience, good karma, and friendship. Be warned that other player characters are interested only in destroying other characters.
  5. Leech Life. This is a skill available under the Necromancer class, and offers a small health bonus in exchange for successful damage dealt to other player characters.
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