How to get fast XP


This guide is a guide for newbies on how to get XP quickly. This assumes that you have a level one character with no starting items.


Phase one: Getting a weaponEdit

The first stages to getting XP begins with acquiring a weapon. However weapons cost money which may not seem easy to get as a newbie to the game, however once you know what to do it is fairly easy. The first step is to get some Mussels and Clams, this are quite easy to find. Mussels sell for 2 gold and Clams for 4 gold each.

Mussels and Clams can quite easily be found inside any body of water, it is not enough to be over the square but you have to 'enter' it. When you have collected enough Mussels and Clams you can sell them at a seafood shop. Continue to do so until you have at least 250 pieces of gold.

Another option for getting money is to search inside a pit for Quartz. The price of the various Quartz you can find range from 6 to 20 gold, but they are slightly harder to find then the Mussels and Clams. You can sell the Quartz at gem shops.

From here find an armory and buy a Long Staff. This weapon inflicts 12 to 16 damage and has a base accuracy of 50% which makes it a handy weapon. From here you then can attack monsters gaining experience using the Long Staff. Be sure to keep an eye on your health and battle points when fighting.

Phase two: Choosing skillsEdit

Once you get enough experience there are two skills that are essential if you wish to gain experience quickly and one other that makes things simpler. The two skills are healing touch from the healer class and bladed weapon training. It is advised to get bladed weapon training first as it makes gaining experience quicker. After you get bladed weapon training and healing touch it is highly recommended that you get sense health under the healer class.

In addition, morale boost is useful because it gives you 4 more BP for every 10 BP refreshed when standing by monument.

Phase three: Fast experienceEdit

Once you have the suggested skills you can start to get experience quickly. There are two ways in going about this as outlined below.

Attacking monsters/Healing othersEdit

Attacking monsters is a slower way of gaining experience, however it is less likely to make you a greater target. It is best to check the bestiary first to see how powerful an enemy is.

The best NPC to attack, as long as you have a good weapon, Preferably the Long Staff which can be bought at armouries for 40coins, is the Giant Orange Crabs.

You can also run around healing wounded players who have been caught up in combat. Most people will appreciate this. If you are going to heal wounded players then it is also suggested that you get sense health.

Another suggested skill so you can restore magic points quickly is meditation. This restores magic points at double the rate, however you don't get notification of attacks and talk from other players.

Attacking other playersEdit

Please be advised that many player characters do not like being attacked for any reason. Using other characters for experience gain in this way can be construed as malicious and violating, and may result in making many enemies. Be advised especially that hurting/healing only one character might bring his/her whole guild out for revenge.

First find someone with a high level of HP, preferably over 30HP. This is easy to know if you have sense health, otherwise it's guess work. From here attack them once with the Battle Axe so they loose HP. Once you have done that heal them back up to full health. Continue this process to quickly get experience.


As you can see this is a very quick way of gaining experience. It's possible to get 20XP every five minutes once you have the suggested weapons and skills.

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