Description This is a simple spear made of sturdy iron with a razor sharp tip.
Type Thrown
Usage When player selects [use] the following text is displayed:
You adjust your grip on the spear, intending to jab with it when you next use it to attack.
Iron Throwing Spear is replaced with Iron Spear
This Item is a weapon.
Weapons are not actually equipped and can be wielded while in your inventory.
Maximum Stack 4
Cost to Buy Buy for 15 coins from Armorys.
Selling Price Sell for 4 coins to Armorys.
Maximum Upgrades This item cannot be upgraded.
How to Obtain Armory

Weapon Statistics
Damage 10-14 Damage
Chance To Hit 55% Chance to Hit
Average Damage 6.6 Damage per Attack
Average Damage With All Skills 9 Damage per Attack

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