The Item Hoarder

The most profitable drops (low lvl)

  • Level 5 to 10
  • (Depending on the amount of HP you got)
  • Relatively easy to kill NPCs
  • Valuable drops for lower levels
  • Sought-after ingredients

Indispensable Items:

NPCs selected for the project:

Level 5-10

Level 8-10


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Sand HeapsEdit

This is a literal heap of living sand, possessed by the angry spirit of one who became forever lost in the desert. The amount of XP it hands you is not bad at all and the Royal Rings they drop are rather popular among players.
To consult their statistics, click the following links:

a) What type of gear corresponds best?

Since Sand Heaps have a rather low health status (HP: 50), a rudimentary arsenal (cost for a Long Staff is 40 coins) is fully sufficient.

b) What healing item do we use?

c) What are their stats?
Learn about their statistics (how hard the hit you, what HP they have, how much XP they hand you) by clicking the following links:

d) Locate Sand Heaps on the Map
At the time we are speaking, these creatures shuffle around in a realm Kashan which you can access by venturing through the portal at (25,16) in Fenrin Village. This portal also serves as the exit.

e) Food dropped

This is a small, yet robust cactus pear with spines on the outside. (This item heals you for 3-4 HP)

f) Loots of value

To learn more about why this shiny ring is so valuable to many players you might want to learn about the ever popular upgrading process:

This ring is indeed socketed (4 slots) and can be upgraded at your local Blacksmith once you gathered enough xp and money

g) Where do I sell or trade my loot?
Selling Royal Rings should be no problem, if you happen to have more than 8 rings (one for each finger), sell them for 420 coins each at any Jewelry Store

h) A Career
If you like the constant flow of money on your bank account you might want to make a career out of it by becoming a Trader (Class:Trader) which will allow you to sell your items via a Trading Post or even your own shop, see Player Stores.

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