Name Type Description Usage
Skull Jack O Lantern Light This is a large, hollowed out pumpkin with openings cut to resemble a skull-like face. Light Source
Cyclops Jack O Lantern Light This is a large, hollowed out pumpkin with openings cut to resemble the face of a grinning cyclops. Light Source
Smiling Jack O Lantern Light This is a large, hollowed out pumpkin with openings cut to resemble a widely grinning, goofy face. Light Source
Ghost Jack O Lantern Light  ??? Light Source
Severed Head Torch Light  ???Light Source
Skull Torch Light This is a small hand held torch. The head of the torch is an overturned skull.Light Source
Spirit Torch Light This length of twisted white metal ends in a flowing blue flame. The flames themselves seem to resemble wispy, flailing tendrils.Light Source
Quizzical Jack O' Lantern Light This is a large, hollowed out pumpkin with openings cut to resemble the utterly confused face of a complete dullard. Light Source.
Candy Corn Candy This is a handful of curious little pieces of sweet candy shaped like corn kernels. How odd! Heals 1 HP
Piece of Taffy Candy This is a small cube of chewy beige taffy... with mysterious bits stuck on it. Heals 1 HP
Orange & Black Lollipop Candy This is a moderately sized lollipop with black and orange swirls. Heals 1 HP
Marshmallow Ghost Candy This is a small ghost which has been made of a curious spongey confectionary substance. Heals 1 HP
Ectoplasm Ingredient This is an amorphious blob of sticky yellow-green ectoplasm.Text Effect
Ghost Costume Costume This is a sheet with eyeholes.Wearable
Jack O Lantern Mask Mask This is a creepy, yet meticulously detailed Jack O Lantern Mask. It is made of carved pine and is well painted.Wearable, Text Effect
Skull Bag Container This oversized white fabric skull wears a jovial expression consisting of black circles representing hollow eyes and black thread lining a bare-toothed grin. The opening of the bag has been designed to resemble a crack in the top of the skull. Wearable
Spider Bag Container This is a medium-sized black cloth bag made to resemble a fat spider with thick, dangling legs. The strap has been made to look like a length of webbing. Wearable
Crow Bag ContainerThis large crow is made of black fabric and has two dangling orange fabric legs. The crow's eyes appear to be shiny black buttons and one wing lifts to reveal the bag's opening. Wearable
Ghost Ring Ring This is a transparent gemstone ring with four miniature ghosts. The tiny ghosts support a cloudy, spherical crystal above their little heads. Wearable
Witch Ring Ring This silver ring wears the twisted obsidian face of a horrible witch. The witch's angular features jut out from the surface, its eyes set with small emeralds. Wearable
Pumpkin Ring Ring ???Wearable
Vampire Ring Ring ???Wearable
Cat Gloves Gloves This is a pair of tight, furry gloves made to resemble clawed cat paws. Wearable
Skeleton Gloves Gloves This is a pair of black gloves with skeletal hand bones painted on the backs in white.Wearable
Tentacle Gloves Gloves This is a pair of slimy-looking gloves made to resemble elongated, creepy tentacles. The undersides of the gloves are lined with miniature suction cups. Wearable
Werewolf Gloves Gloves This is a pair of large gloves made to resemble hairy, clawed werewolf hands.Wearable
Tomb Stone n/a This is a large,cracked, Grime-encrusted tomb stone. For a moment it seems as if this mossy slab of rock displays your name. Blunt
Invisible Cloak Cloak ... It's invisible. Wearable
Ghost in a Jar Pet This appears to be a small, empty glass jar. However, a label on the front reads "Ghost in a Jar! Hours of fun! Open at your own risk." and a small, yellowed slip of old paper inside seems to have a name written on it. Text Effect


Name Buy Description Usage
Gift Sack n/a This is an oversized fur-lined cloth sack, dotted by a myriad of pristine snowflake shapes. Wearable
Ice Axe n/a This is an oversized axe made entirely of solid ice. The expertly carved axe is as clear as crystal with a razor-sharp edge. Weapon
Ice Gauntlets n/a This is a pair of identical ice gauntlets. Each one is made up of crystal clear, thick ice with rows of razor sharp icicle-like spines. Text Effect
Icicle n/a This is a long spire of clear ice, ending in a razor sharp point. Weapon
Mistletoe n/a This is a small sprig of healthy mistletoe. Text Effect
Snowball n/a This is a tightly compacted ball of snow. Text Effect
Snowman n/a This is a rather stout and cheery looking fellow made completely of tightly compacted snow Text Effect
Snowflake n/a This is a single perfect snowflake. Text Effect


Name Buy Description Usage
Golden Egg n/a This is an average egg in every way. Except for the fact that it's made entirely of solid gold. Text Effect
Painted Egg n/a This is an average egg, painted with a beautiful pattern of dazzling colors. Heals # HP
Marshmallow Egg n/a  ??? Heals # HP
Rotten Egg n/a  ??? Text Effect
Glass Egg n/a This is a delicate glass egg with several ribbons of vivid color swirling inside. Text Effect
Egg-Shaped Rock n/a This is a small, plain old rock that just so happens to be vaguely egg-shaped. Text Effect
Pair of Bunny Ears n/a This is a pair of soft fuzzy cloth bunny ears attached to a simple headband.Wearable, Text Effect
Colorful Basket n/a This is a multi-colored basket with fake green grass lining inside. Useless
Stuffed Rabbit n/a This is a small, soft stuffed rabbit with an almost mischievous look on its face.Text Effect
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