Name Description
Blue Snail Shell This is a rough blue snail shell that curls into a thick spiral.
Bottle This is an empty glass long-necked bottle.
Broom This is a basic wooden broom with stiff bristles.
Chain This is a length of sturdy chain.
Coaster This is a small rounded coaster made of cork.
Condom This is a Trojan condom. No literally, it belonged to someone from Troy.
Cork This cork seems to have come from an alcoholic beverage container.
Dirt This is simply a handful of dirt.
Duck Hat It's a hat made to look like a duck.
Eyeball A disembodied eyeball.. how disgusting!
Flint A piece of stone which can be used to produce a spark.
Gold Bust This is a heavy solid gold bust of an ancient figure. It is expertly detailed.
Gourd This is a small, knobby gourd with blotched coloring
Lump Of Coal This is a small black lump of coal.
Manacles This is a pair of sturdy iron manacles. A length of chain connects to each manacle.
Nail This is a small iron nail.
Orange Mushroom A small, spindly and bright orange mushroom. It seems very fragile with delicate ruffles beneath the bumpy cap.
Orange Snail Shell This is a shiny orange shell that spirals to a sharp point.
Pinecone This is a small dry brown pinecone.
Pipe This is a small, expertly carved wooden pipe with long stem.
Pumpkin This is a large, heavy pumpkin. It is a healthy orange.
Small Pillow This is a small white pillow, stuffen with soft goose down and made of smooth cloth.
Small Tooth This is a pearly white tooth.
Stick A nice short pine stick.
Yellow Seaweed It's some kinda goopy yellow seaweed with small pods.
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