Welcome to Adopt-A-Lagbert! Edit

Here you will find many different types of Lagberts to call your own. They don't eat much, they do not damage your home, and they are relatively quiet. They are, in fact, the perfect pet! Lagberts are creatures which live inside modems and travel across phone lines. They are the descendants of Gremlins, creatures which have been known to take apart machinery. Lagberts are a lot more tame than their ancestors, though, and are happy to simply gum up your internet connection. For every Lagbert adopted, there is one less out there causing lag!

Lagbert Information
Picture # Description Picture # Description Picture # Description
Lag01 01 Original Flavor
Owner: Bland or Sentimental
Lag02 02 Lagbert Ala Mode
Owner: Hungry or Strange
Lag03 03 Clown Lagbert
Owner: Funny or Twisted
Lag04 04 Jive Lagbert
Owner: Disco lover or Funky
Lag05 05 Lagbert from Hell
Owner: Evil or Twisted
Lag06 06 Chef Lagbert
Owner: Hungry or a Cook
Lag07 07 Folk Singer Lagbert
Owner: Musician or Music Lover
Lag08 08 US Lagbert
Owner: Patriotic
Lag09 09 Inspector Lagbert
Owner: Inquisitive or Mysterious
Lag10 10 Captain Lagbert Boy
Owner: Comic lover or Heroic
Lag11 11 Rock n Roll Lagbert
Owner: Musician or Music lover
Lag12 12 Lagbert Angel
Owner: Saintly or Kind
Lag13 13 Lagbert 4 Peace
Owner: Pacifist or Hippy
Lag14 14 Lagbert with a Problem
Owner: Silly or Twisted
Lag15 15 Nerd Lagbert
Owner: Computer geek or Just a geek.
Lag16 16 Wild West Lagbert
Owner: Cowboy or Villain
Lag17 17 Lagbert from Space
Owner: Spacey or Sci-Fi lover
Lag18 18 Suess Lagbert
Owner: Dr. Suess lover or Big kid
Lag19 19 Pirate Lagbert
Owner: Dangerous or Rogueish
Lag20 20 Lagbert Mermaid
Owner: Myth lover or Water lover
Lag21 21 Goth Lagbert
Owner: Gothic or Dark
Lag22 22 Lagbert Wrestling Champ
Owner: Wrestling lover or Big kid
Lag23 23 Dr. Brain Lagbert
Owner: Evil or Sci-Fi Lover
Lag24 24 WereLagbert
Owner: Evil or Monster Lover
Lag25 25 Ninja Lagbert
Owner: Mysterious or Deadly
Lag26 26 Imaginary Lagbert
Owner: Creative or Lonely
Lag27 27 Lagbert of Love
Owner: Romantic
Lag28 28 Lagbert Time Forgot
Owner: Tough or History Lover
Lag29 29 Lagbert in Underpants
Owner: Silly or Twisted
Lag30 30 Vampire Lagbert
Owner: Spooky or Monster Lover
Lag31 31 Snow Lagbert
Owner: Winter Lover or Christmas Lover
Lag32 32 Eggplant Lagbert
Owner: Silly or Vegetarian (like Mo!)
Lag33 33 Mime Lagbert
Owner: Silly or Twisted
Lag34 34 Communist Lagbert
Owner: Communist or Political Person
Lag35 35 Photocopy Lagbert
Owner: Strange or Office Worker
Lag36 36 Lagbert Moth
Owner: Insect Lover or Night Person
Lag37 37 Waitress Lagbert
Owner: Waitress or Food lover
Lag38 38 Motorcycle Cop Lagbert
Owner: Policeman or Badass
Lag39 39 Patrick Lagbert
Owner: Patrick lover or Cat lover
Lag40 40 Lagbert Fanboy
Owner: Comic fan or Geek
Lag41 41 Neopolitan Lagbert
Owner: Ice cream lover or multi-personalities
Lag42 42 Lagbert Salesperson
Owner: Salesperson or Silly
Lag43 43 Cosmic Lagbert
Owner: Adventurous or Sci-Fi lover
Lag44 44 Squirrel Lagbert
Owner: Nature lover or Nutty
Lag45 45 Pop Idol Lagbert
Owner: Pop lover or hater
Lag46 46 Unilagbert
Owner: Myth or Fantasy lover
Lag47 47 Lagbert without Shame
Owner: Shameless or Silly
Lag48 48 B-Ball Lagbert
Owner: Basketball or Sports lover
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