The DragonSpires map is composed of varying buildings and landscapes. Here you'll find a brief description of the different localities and some of their ingame uses.

Note some tiles on the map are not accessible; these are indicated by the appearance of "You can't go there" in your events listing. Castle Walls, for example, are too tall to pass through. Similarly, you might find your character is unable to travel into the deeper parts of the DragonSpires lakes.

Arenas Edit

Arena Lawless areas where players may battle without worry of Guards seeing them.

Armories / General Stores / Shops Edit

Store2009 Places where you can purchase food, weapons, bandages, and other supplies. See Shop Types for more information.


Bank A place to store riches without risk of losing them to thieves and murderers. There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Barns / Shacks Edit

Shack Abandoned structures where ghouls and gremlins often reside.

Battlefields Edit

Battlefield Landscape containing the wreckage of past battles.

Blacksmiths Edit

Store2009 A place to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Cafés / Grills Edit

Grill2009 A place to buy assorted food items.

Campgrounds / Clearings / Parks Edit

Clearing Grassy areas for foraging.

Cemetery Edit

Cemetery2009 A garden of monuments to the dead.

Clinics / Healeries Edit

Clinic Good place to find bandages, when searching for them.

Forests / Woods Edit

Forest Thickly-wooded landscapes where monsters lurk in the darkness.

Grass / Hills / Meadows Edit

Grass Grassy areas where turtles and snakes lurk. Searching may yield dung.

Halls / Training Complexes Edit

Hall Popular meeting places for adventurers.

Hedgemaze Edit

Hedgemaze A maze you can get lost in.

Inns Edit

Inn2009 The perfect place to spend the night.

Monuments Edit

Monument Tributes to the heroes of the past. With the Morale Boost skill a character near a Monument regenerates Battle Points at an accelerated rate.

Piers Edit

Pier Good Place to find rats!

Pits Edit

Pit Good places to find gems; will you be the next millionaire?

Produce Stand Edit

Shack A store where adventurers can purchase fruit and vegetables.

Roads / Paths / Lanes Edit

Road2009 A good way to get from point A to point B.

Swamps Edit

Swamp Wet marshlands with lurking monsters. Searching here has a small chance of yielding a Moglok Crystal.

Taverns Edit

Tavern2009 A place you can get a drink.

Temples Edit

Temple Places to gain resurrection! See the Game FAQ for more information.

Towers Edit

Tower Towering structures in which heroes can stay.

Trading Post Edit

Tradingpost A place where traders can sell goods to all players.

Water / Lakes / Ponds Edit

Water Good place to find clams, mussels, yellow seaweed, and fight aquatic beasts.

Vaults Edit

Bank A place to store items, clothes, and accessories you don't need on your person but would still like to keep. The vault charges 15 gold per item deposited; there is no fee for withdrawals.

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