Magic Points (often referred to as simply MP) are the currency of magic in Scroll Wars, or the capacity a player has for casting spells. Every spell has an MP cost.


An example of Magic Points.

Regeneration and Maximum MPEdit

A player's maximum Magic Points varies, depending on how s/he chooses to grow as a player. With every level gained, a player has the choice to add either 5 Magic Points or 5 Health Points to the maximum capacity. Magic Points regenerate at a rate of 5% of the player's maximum MP every refresh rounded down, however the minimum amount regained is always 5 MP each refresh. When Meditating, the player regenerates an additional five Magic Points per refresh.

List of MP per actionEdit

1 MPEdit

  • Read Aura

5 MPEdit

  • Healing Touch
  • Health Transfer

10 MPEdit

  • Heal Self
  • Fireball

15 MPEdit

20 MPEdit

  • Barrier of Light
  • Barrier of Darkness
  • Monster Ward

30 MPEdit

35 MPEdit

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