n the beginning...there was nothing. Over countless millennia, nothingness itself was driven mad by its solitude. In a particularly violent fit, it turned itself inside out. Thusly, the realms came into existence. Nefarious creatures and brutish beasts populate the landscape looking to challenge any who may cross their path. Deities watch from places unseen. Their meddling can be beneficial at times... and horrific at others. Of course, the greatest peril may lie in the plotting and planning of those you choose to keep company with...

Who will you become? Legendary Warrior? Beloved Healer? Powerful War Mage? Perhaps the most infamous Thief of all time? Come join the growing citizenship of DragonSpires and uncover your destiny!
-Believed to be observed by someone known as Motorhead or Mo


Posted: 11.19.12


We all know there's a top players list in the game, but how can we track the top wiki editors? Now we can! Achievements have been added to stimulate the wiki community! Check out the leaderboard! You can gain achievements by editing pages, categorizing pages, and using Wikia's blog feature. Enjoy!

Posted: 11.09.12


As if by some semi-annual nostalgia kick, another old user has returned to the wiki. You may have noticed over the last week or so, the wiki has undergone a slight transformation. It is my goal to make the wiki more user friendly, and streamlined in appearance. Please leave requests and suggestions here, or make a personal request on my wall here.

Posted: 2.15.12

Under Construction

It's time for a revamp!
Xolah has come out of retirement and is going to start editing the wiki again, if you have suggestions on which parts need to be addressed first please dont hesitate to mention them on the Xolah talk page. Suggestions are always welcome and assistance is appreciated. Just follow the link.

Featured Deity


Primortal low

Primortal looking all imposing 'n stuff.

Temple Coords: [36,4] Quince Town

It is said that before the beginning, there was nothing. Nothingness itself became mad, and in a particularly violent fit, turned itself completely inside-out. Thusly nothingness brought about all things. Primortal, the diety of oblivion and terror, has often tried to reverse this process to once again bring about utter emptiness.

Primortal is not above terrorizing or devouring even the lowliest mortals simply to feed his insatiable desire for fear and helplessness. He often manifests himself as mish-mashes of various frightening creatures. The majority who survive personal encounters are children - most of whom mature into broken, wretched servants of Primortal himself.


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Gribelda sketch

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