Like coins? Who doesn't, right? In this guide, I'm going to tell you how to make some money by mining flamesphires. Flamesphires are a type of gem that can be mined and sold to gem stores for a profit.
Type Stack Sells Price Shop
Cloudy Flamesphires 15 12 coins Gem Store
Clear Flamesphire 15 24 coins Gem Store
Exquisite Flamesphire 15 40 coins Gem Store

Where to find flamesphiresEdit

Flamesphires are found in an underground cave within a realm called Trygia. Getting there is simple enough. Just go to Pordlegram Tower at 37,4 and enter the rift. Once there, go to a crack at 4,3 and enter into the mines. (To eventually exit later, simply go back to 4,3 and pass through the crack. Than, to exit Trygia, go to Abyss Tower at 3,1 within Trygia and enter the other rift).

Equipment neededEdit

You'll need a light source, as the mines are dark. Currently, the most affordable light source is the torch, which is sold at general stores for 10 coins. To get money for a torch, find and enter a lake or pond (dark blue in color) and search for shellfish. Once you have some, sell them to a fishmonger or seafood shop. Do this until you save 10 coins, than go to a general store and purchase a torch.
Another thing that may come in handy are bandages, as there is a risk of being attacked by Trygian Slaves and Trygian Slavemasters. To find bandages, simply enter a clinic (pink in color) and search for them. You may need quite a few, however, you should keep a few inventory slots free to hold flamesphires later.

The danger the mines can poseEdit

It can be dangerous in the Trygian Mines, but it need not be, as long as you stay on tiles that contain no Trygian Slaves or Trygian Slavemaster NPCs. They are restricted to the tiles they occupy, and won't attack unless attacked first. (It should also be noted that the slaves and slavemasters follow the same pattern as most other NPCs, attacking on the ten minute intervals of every hour. Bear in mind that you shouldn't stand on a tile with them at these times.)

The plan, once insideEdit

Turn your torch on, and search an unpopulated tile for flamesphires. Do this as long as you like, and when you decide to cash them in, just exit the mines and Trygia, and make your way to the nearest Gem Store to sell them.
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