There are many monuments to the famous and infamous in the realm of Dragonspires.

Below is a list of monuments, along with their locations.

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Rochelle MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Rochelle the Victorious. This tremendous marble statue of Rochelle carries two tilted vases which serve as fountains.
History:Located inside Prespon Castle, this monument of Rochelle was created to honor her contributions to the well-being of all Dragonspirians. During a time of unrest in the early history of the lands known as the "Three Crown war", Rochelle lead a movement to lay down arms and take to healing the injured of all sides. The struggle for peace was a hard one, but she succeeded and was dubbed "Rochelle the Victorious" as an ironic reference to her victory against battle itself. It is said that when Rochelle took to healing the gravely wounded leaders of each warring faction, the vases she carried water in never ran empty dispite not being refilled. This unnatual occurance is usually assumed to be the work of Sigmut as a reward for Rochelle's exceeding honor and integrity amid chaos.

Archen TownEdit

Forthusker MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Forthusker the Timid. This obsidian slab rests atop several steel orbs. Atop the slab sits a marble bowl filled with stones.
History:Luck is an important commodity in the world, and Forthusker had an excess of it. Many times in his life, he turned the tide of a battle merely by rubbing an obsidian globe in his pocket. In all honesty, his nickname seemed almost ill-fitting since he wasn't all that shy or timid. He gained the name nonetheless, because, despite his legendary good looks, he was never seen with a female companion. Ironically, Forthusker met his untimely demise while courting a witch from Archen Town, who turned him into a newt for looking at her funny. Legend has it that if a person were to take a stone from his monument, they would be granted a small part of Forthusker's luck.


Teeds MonumentEdit

Description:You are by a monument dedicated to Teeds the Unsettling. This is an exquisite wooden carving of Teeds sitting astride a raging sea creature.
History:Teeds was a giant, and a hero of the kingdom long ago. He had fought in many wars and killed many, both beast and man. His skills with the sword were unmatched by anyone of his time. This changed when he was sent, with an army under his command, to free sea colonies lying to the south. When they arrived they found the colony under attack by vicious sea creatures never seen before. As they began to fight them Teeds came across the queen beast leading this attack, her hide was impervious to his blade and decided to enter within the beast and destroy it from the inside. He allowed himself to be eaten and whilst inside the queens gullet he stabbed and slash till she could take no more and died. However, whilst the beast was dead, he was still inside. His men desperately slashed at the queen until her stomach finally opened and they pulled Teed out. From that day on he changed, he became unsettled, disturbed by what he saw. And not a week later, commited suicide from what he had seen.

Bissom TownEdit

Peekar MonumentEdit

Description:You are by a monument dedicated to Peekar the Unwelcomed. This shallow pool is surrounded by iron spikes upon which steel spheres have been balanced.
History:Peekar was once a well known general whom fought against evil forces in old crusades. His title comes from his history of deals with bandits in the region. He allowed them to raid freely and hand over information for gold. He was unfortunately discovered by one of the other generals. The king spared him the death sentence for treason due to his excellent history as a general during the crusades. Instead he was exiled to lands far far away...

Cauldman ForestEdit


Steecher MonumentEdit

Description:You are by a monument dedicated to Steecher the Hoarse. This expertly carved marble statue depicts Steecher holding the severed head of a demon.
History:Coming Soon.


Poulort MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Poulort the unheard. This tremendous marble obelisk stands over a cluster of upturned iron spears.
History:Poulort was a legendary thief and assassin who took up residence in the various shacks and barns populating Erbatha. It is said that Poulort single-handedly took out an invading force's scouting party with such skill that the army turned back to their homes for fear that this land housed an elite force of warriors. Some claim that Poulort is actually a group of men posing as a single assassin, because of his strange ability of almost instantaneously transporting himself around a battlefield, and his abnormally long lifespan, having been around for over one hundred years. The devout speculate that Poulort is not actually a man, but a manifestation of a deity, though there has never been any consensus on which.

Fenrin VillageEdit

Baldera MonumentEdit

Description:You are by a monument dedicated to Baldera the Unfair. This large chunk of granite has been carved into a basic star shape. Silver orbs balance on the star's left and right points.
History:Baldera was a legendary bandit king with a penchant for wanton cruelty. It was common practice for him to cut off the hands of his own men as punishment for flatulence during dinner hour, and so his band of highwaymen became known as the Amputee Army. When he finally died of syphilis his men used his hoarded wealth to build a monument in his name, terrified that otherwise he would rise from the grave and cut off their remaining extremities.

Hordon VillageEdit

Nikodemus MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Nikodemus the Undefeated. This towering stone statue of Nikodemus clutches a wooden spear in one hand and a shield in the other. The massive shield is crafted to resemble a screaming, angry face.
History:Mo claims this monument in the name of someday hopefully finishing the dumb Three Crown story.

Drull MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Drull the Petrified. This large granite slab supports three large, cone-shaped crystals.

Hornet TownEdit

Gutsley MonumentEdit

Coordinates:(46, 28)
Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Gutsley the Greedy. This large overturned pot is made of gold tinted glass.
History:Coming Soon

Jaikiel TownEdit

Chumnik MonumentEdit

Description:You are by a monument dedicated to Chumnik the Underwhelmed. This is a tremendous steel sword jutting out from a solid marble dragon head.
History:In the early days of the land of DragonSpires Chumnik served under the kind king Ganthet. His only job was to appraise the various possesions that the king had aquired over time and to dispose of them appropiately, usually to sell to the highest bidder. King Ganthet was a wise man and warned Chumnik that some of his posessions were not to be sold or destroyed as they contained the power of the gods. One day while Chumnik was appraising some of the kings items he stumbled upon the sword of Primortal. Chumnik tossed it aside into the furnace thinking it was a simple sword of no significance. This angered Primortal who promptly appeared before Chumnik. Chumnik froze in fear as Primortal ripped his soul right out of his body and left an empty shell of a man. To this very day Chumnik's monument serves as a reminder to never underestimate the true value of things.

King Ganthet MonumentEdit

Description:You are by the King Ganthet Monument. This is a massive gold-plated crown placed atop a single ivory spire, dedicated to King Ganthet the Kind.
History:History shows that, long ago, Odicef Castle was only a small village led by a small royal family. When Ganthet took the throne, he spent an immense fortune fortifying the village, gaining himself a horrible reputation for the over taxation of his people. However, he repaired his stance shortly after the completion of his castle, when he sold many of his possessions and offered the profits to his people. Upon his death, the men of Odicef built a monument to their loving king, Ganthet the Kind atop his grave.

Jabbler MonumentEdit

Description:You are by a monument to Jabbler the Naked. This relatively modest marble cube is inscribed with his last words.
History:Before the eons of time it was said that Jabbler was first human to exist. Jabbler was created by Poeren from clay for not only a test of her artistic skill, but also as a muse. Poeren brought Jabbler to life, however he was designed very simply and was only able to comprehend the simplest aspects of life. As of such he was never draped in cloth. One day Gongoreth decided to play a mean trick on Jabbler by placing a helmet over his head, this lead Jabbler to run around trying to shake the darkness which he was not accustomed to. Poeren saw this and was ashamed of her creation. She removed the helmet and began to remodel Jabbler. However before she completed her task he gasped, "My life for was all for nought, a puppet is all I was. None should ever have to live this fate...", Poeren proceeded to change Jabbler into a cube. She then cast the cube onto the landscape of Dragonspires leaving the famous words of Jabbler inscribed on it.


Murgin MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Murgin the Cruel. This large iron pike towers high above a half-buried stone tablet.


Tasken MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Tasken the Allergic. This unfinished statue of Tasken starts off as a heroic figure, then descendes into a chipped block of granite. The statue's stone hands grasp an iron shield and sword.
History:Tasken is first mentioned as a guard of Kalaag Prison. He was a diligent guard, but he needed some fresh air, as he sneezed violently when exposed to dust. In fact, they say he foiled a prisonbreak with a sneeze so harsh that it blew the prisoners into the wall. He eventually became a great hero, famed for slaying Carcinos, the gargantuan crab that terrorized Badsley Lake.

Scarback MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Scarback the Diabolical. This large glass demon's paw sits upturned on a marble slab as if grasping at the skies.
History:A long time servant of Gulgorn, Scarback was an accomplished mage warrior with a pencant for destruction. Scarback's name is a reference to the hideous gashes across his back. They were left by the talons of a great demonic beast that grasped at him as he escaped a level of Trygia none dared travel to before or since. Scarback served Gulgorn faithfully until he was felled by an assassin's blade. On the night of his death, a great earthquake shook the realm. Some believe that this great tremor was caused by the same demonic beast snatching at Scarback's soul, breaking the boundaries Trygia.

Magog VillageEdit

Oaklas Monument Edit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Oaklas the Nameless. This modest marble pyramid has a golden orb balanced on top.
History:"Coming Soon. ~ Kufu"

Maiden VillageEdit

Main TownEdit

Orbalask MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside Orbalask Monument. This is a large stone statue of Orbalask the Unwashed. He carries a tremendous iron spear and shield emblazened with the image of a Ram.
History:The true identity of Orbalask the Unwashed has never been determined conclusively, however historians generally agree that there was no such heroic individual as depicted by the monument; rather that the monument is symbolic in nature only. It is thought that Duke Orbalascus de Odicef is the man behind the legend. Orbalascus was born into nobility, and from a young age demonstrated a strong competitive temperament, one that would ultimately lead to his fall from grace. One day in his young adult life, an intoxicated Duke Orbalascus found his way into a spear throwing contest in a nearby village. The Duke (having never thrown a spear in his life) claimed he could out-throw any villager. Unfortunately for the Duke, the best spear thrower in the land was in attendance and it is fair to say that the Duke lost convincingly - to a five year old crippled boy (the champion spear thrower did well too). Legend has it that the Duke had managed to somehow injure his own foot in the process with a poorly aimed throw of the spear, adding to his considerable embarrassment.

The Duke, by now the laughing stock of the entire shire, and with his fragile sense of self-esteem shattered, hobbled away into the mountains and refused to come back while his subjects ridiculed him. Historical records are unclear about the fate of Orbalascus; indeed there is no official mention of him after this event - for all intents and purposes, he had been disowned by his family. Legend has it that a "shabby" Orbalascus could be seen from time to time in the years and decades that followed, roaming the high passes wearing only tattered rags, in only the company of mountain goats and sheep. There is no record of his death. It appears that through countless generations, the story of Duke Orbalascus de Odicef has become the legend of Orbalask the Unwashed - a children's tale that shows that there is no honour or reward in running away from defeat, no matter how painful it may be. The common sanitary catch-cry "Wash your face, for Orb's disgrace!", usually directed by mothers towards their children, is also thought to originate from the legend of Orbalask the Unwashed.

Mallidae VillageEdit

Gogblang MonumentEdit

Description:In-Game Description Here.
History:Gogblang a minor lord of an insignificant house spent his entire life protecting the only significant thing his ancestors ever possessed. An ancient crystal from an archaic civilization shaped by a craft no longer comprehended. Gogblang’s forefathers were so secretive they slipped from any notable standing and after decades dwindled to the one line Gogblang headed.

Gogblang’s childhood was overshadowed with the weight of protecting the crystal and his personality was twisted and warped. After watching his uncles and eventually his father go mad Gogblang went into a madness uniquely his own. He became so afraid of becoming mad himself his mind cracked. No one noticed the subtle differences in his personality, but he was defiantly warped.

Gogblang released the last of his servants and disappeared into one of his family’s marble mines. No one ever saw him again, it was not until 50 years later when the new owners of Gogblang’s discarded land decided to reopen the marble mine that he was discovered. He sat at the end of the main shaft and spoke in tongues as the new lords approached. Gogblang was reaching his 80th year of life… which ended when the torch the lords approaching carried scared the life from.

The new lords were unaware of the identity of the dead hermit at their feet so they nudged him once and continued on. When they reached the main cavern all the secondary tunnels ran out from they stopped in amazement. The entire place had been gutted and a series of descending tunnels spiraled in an unimaginable tangle of arches and spiraled columns.

So impressed the new owners were they started giving tours until the fame of the architecture rose enough to charge a hefty sum. Gogblang’s body remains there today smashed into the tunnel floor by the multitude of visitors arriving each year. The new Lords erected the Gogblang Monument in appreciation of Gogblang’s work


Tilleria MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to the deity Tilleria. This tremendous stone carving of Tilleria's head opens at the top. A high-reaching purple flame spews upward from the opening. Lurid dreams and horrific nightmares play out in the flickering light.
History:See Deities.

Nillywood TownEdit

Spiddel MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Spiddel the Worm-Infested. This onyx-and-quartz dome contains a huge worm; it appears to be at least twelve feet long.
History:Coming soon-Obsidian

Yakken MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Yakken the Unorthodox. This large stone bench rests in the center of a circle of pebbles.
History:Yakken the Unorthodox was a mysterious man, seeking enlightenment in any way possible. He made several attempts, some completely unusual, gaining him his nickname. Among the strangest of his undertakings, Yakken meditated beside every road in Nillywood dressed in his finest suit, only to be chased from town by a band of peasant children. In another attempt, Yakken swam to the center of Badsley Lake, and floated there for three days. The only thing Yakken achieved from this was a horrible sunburn, causing him pain with every step. Upon hearing of his incredible tolerance of pain, the master of Querty Arena hired Yakken on as a combatant. Yakken’s battles proved to be far more different from the other matches seen in the past. Yakken barely made any strikes against his opponents, but rather used his agility to dodge hits until the other combatants grew tired and collapsed. Yakken fought many battles, achieving victory after victory. The lengthy battles proved to be a success for the arena, causing Yakken to become a local hero. The people built a monument in his honor, only to have him fall before an opponent just before the unveiling. Yakken never saw the monument, a tribute to his calm nature in the arena, and never did achieve enlightenment.


Merdglast MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Merdglast the Rodent-Like. This semi-circle of granite rests on its edge, supported by an angled marble column.
History:Located south east of The Pescombe temple of Cezil, this monument of Merdglast was created to honor his contributions to the underground community. In a time of long deserved peace in the early history of the lands Merdglast created a shape change spell that turned him into a Cave rat. Using this spell Merdglast stole his friend and mentors life savings. Cezil seen this and smiled which was a rare feat in itself. He granted full access to and from this new form but at the cost of Merdglasts humanity. He changed Merdglasts face to that of a rat and said something cryptic as he disapeared..."You wanted your cake, now choke on it!". As Merdglast hauled the last load in to his treasure hoard, the entrance started to shake and collapse. Being the greedy man he was all he could think of was how to save his coins, propping himself in the doorway he held it up until finally the weight of the entrance started to crush him. Using everything he could muster, He summoned Cezil to aide him, and Cezil spoke " Will you give up your new power to save your life or use it to save your hoard?". Merdglast thought about it and said "My greed is stronger than all the powers of nature!", and with his last breath he used all the energy Cezil had given him to turn everything within 100 paces to stone. Body and treasure included and such the monument was formed...from the petrified remained of Merdglast trying to save his hoard....and Cezil smiled knowing that this was the way his followers should be.

Quince TownEdit


Maxen MonumentEdit

Coordinates:(35, 37)
Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Maxen the Vindicated. Heavy chains suspend a highly reflective cylinder from this stone archway.
History:Many people have speculated as to why this monument is here. The monument was created during the reign of the mad king. Some people say that it is a portal to another land where indisputable truths can be found, others say that it was designed to realase spiritual energies that make people wonder about simple things such as if they are on grass and say strange things like "bonnie lass". The more sensible peolpe just think that it's a monument for no real reason and that everyone else should stop wondering about what it's about.

Shokan HillsEdit

Tarneck MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Tarneck the Horrifying. This marble statue of Tarneck holds the obsidian severed head of Pidae the Unmoving.
History:During the period of unrest following the self-imposed exile of the Princess's spurned suitor Tarneck the Horrifying earned his title in the Killosseum of Magog Village. A mighty seven foot gladiator, Tarneck was worshipped by the mob, quickly gaining a reputation for cruelty as he provided bloody entertainment for those with the fortitude to watch. Tarneck never lost a fight, and soon his infamy grew to the point where his fellow gladiators refused to enter the arena with the Horrifying giant; certainly, it was madness to enter the Killosseum to do battle with a man who wielded an axe which was rumoured to have been forged in Upalt's smithy. This monument is testimony to Tarneck's last battle within the arena, in which he fought Pidae the Unmoving, a gladiator blessed by Sigmut. The contest lasted only 13 minutes; Tarneck's brute strength and cunning overwhelmed Pidae. Pidae yielded to Tarneck, knowing he had been defeated, and Tarneck the Horrifying severed Pidae's head from his shoulders with one mighty blow of his axe, holding the head aloft before hurling it into mob. However, many years later, it has become commonly accepted that Tarneck in fact earned his title due to his horrifying visage...

Kosless MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Kosless the Vain. This large reflective orb sits in a nest of interwoven iron poles.
History:When Kosless was a young lad he use to look at himself in the mirror all day long. He used everything that he could get his hands on, anything ranging from silver spoons to long blades just to look at himself. One day his mother sent him out to get some fish out of Badsley lake. Kosless took a boat out into the middle of the lake and set out the net. He began to see how reflective the water was and stared into it for hours looking at his own reflection. As the sun started to set he realized that he had been out on the lake for hours and needed to get home, however he forgot to pull in the oars which had now disappeared. Kosless eventually rotted away to nothing as he was unable to swim. His story wasn't known until a trade ship passed by and found what remained of his corpse.

Taisel VillageEdit

Joselry MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Joselry the Unyeilding. This large marble egg is inscribed with a tribal prayer.
History:Joselry earned the title of "the Unyeilding" over the course of many battles. His drive for victory above all else made him very popular with his fellow warriors. The ones who survived, at least. Never one to give in to an opponent, he fought bravely and honorably, much to the disdain of the dark ones he faced. Joselry further lived up to his title during the Three Crown war when he was cast into a vast pit of demons by Scarback, a desciple of Gulgorn. Though the demons doubled in number every time they were slain, Joselry refused to submit, and instead enganged them in a bloody brawl that lasted half a year. Joselry bit and ate at the demons' flesh and drank of their blood to sustain himself during combat until he dropped dead not of injury, but of exhaustion.

Joselry's monument is in the shape of an egg to represent patience during rebirth of one's self. The tribal prayer upon it roughly translates to "There is no moment but this. There is no battle but mine. I seek the patience to undo my enemy, and know that one does not find the nest by stepping on a single ant."

Ponorst MonumentEdit

Description:A monument dedicated to Ponorst the Improved. This large steel statue of Ponorst is bound with thick iron chains.
History:Ponorst of the Cracked Mind was a devoted worshiper of the Deity Tilleria. In his rein as Overlord he ruled the entirety of what is now known as Taisel Village. He was the most ruthless and vile Lord of his time. His love of Tilleria amassed him enemies in every direction.

Ponorst’s battlements were a feet of engineering even in comparison to present day architecture. 80 % of his kingdom was behind a highly defendable wall as thick as most rivers. If you gained the elevation to look on from above you would see the core of Ponorst heart. His kingdom was in the shape of a Skull and if you look at the placement of the remaining Towers of Taisel you will see a basic out line of that skull save the walls which where torn down almost immediately to rebuild the destroyed kingdoms.

Resistance to Ponorst Rule developed quickly to the North in Alesville, South in Hornet Town, Southwest in Tamesden Town, West in Pescombe and Northwest in Quince Town. The outlying kingdoms were flooded with refugees that managed to escape Ponorst’s kingdom and those who did not were displayed along the highways from stakes driven into the ground beside the road. Every Lord within three days ride had been fighting Ponorst individually for years and it was not until Ponorst Built the Temple of Tilleria (45,15) that they understood the true nature of their peril.

Wave after wave of insane Tillerian Zealots were spreading through the adjacent kingdoms causing all sorts of chaos, bringing destruction to Kingdoms barely holding on. When all seemed to be on the verge of decay a band of warriors from inside Taisel who assembled from the remnants of a once proud region known only as the CDF managed to take control of Ponorst’s Stronghold, the Tower of Insanity (44,15) In the battle Ponorst received a near death blow from a CDF Bizerker. Sprawled on the floor in front of the remaining combatants Ponorst called on Tilleria’s assistance. A billowing sound of mad laughter resounded through the tower settling into a strong feminine voice.

It was Tilleria herself with a chorus of mad laughter echoing in the background, she spoke without lips “Ponorst… your usefulness is over… now die and let me speak with my new prophets.” And Tilleria did what she does with all her toys… she pushed Ponorst’s mind into the abyss. The misty form of Tilleria shifted attention to the victors. A show of light and smoke filled the chamber and the mad laughing chorus shook the tower. In a moment of blindness everything went dark and the chorus died in a shrilled screech.

As the mist dissipated and the defenders ears recovered from the shock their eyes stood in disbelief. Ponorst was standing over a shattered idol of Tilleria. His arms and torso were burnt and the gash from the axe was cauterized from the magic used to shatter Tilleria’s presence. The look of chaos in Ponorst’s eyes was gone and for the first time that he could remember he was alone in his head.

Ponorst was a changed man… a man improved but as all men who commit acts of such magnitude the punishment could not be as easily changed. He was bound in chains and locked up in his old stronghold now called Mount Crossman Tower (44,15), named after the warriors who brought down Ponorst’s rein. There he spent the rest of his days praying for forgiveness.

Ponorst Monument was erected to memorialize the extent of a beings life… We are always bound by our actions and even at the end of our lives every decision counts. It was the act of betrayal that ultimately saved Ponorst life showing him the true color of his skin and releasing him from the hold of darkness.

Tamesden TownEdit

Thones VillageEdit

Tilleria's RealmEdit

Monument of MadnessEdit

Description:You are by a monument dedicated to madness. A large perfectly square slab of iron rests here. Images of lost souls flicker by. Was that you face just then?
History:See Deities.

Claimed by Relina-sama


Primortal MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to the deity Primortal. This massive obsidian statue of Primortal himself holds an eternal black flame in each hand. A cold wind flows from beneath the statue's iron mask.
History:See Deities.

Bullnerg MonumentEdit

Description:You are beside a monument dedicated to Bullnerg the Dismembered. This tremendous spherical iron cage contains the bones of ten thousand men. A deep pool of blood encircles the base of the cage.
History:Claimed by Xolah
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