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Weekend Occurences
  • Heard: "..A hateful voice echoes through the air, chanting some forgotten, arcane curse. It vows to return every week's end!.."
  • Cretures calling themselves Warlocks and Arch Warlocks were spotted to linger way past the weekends, when they seem to arrive..
  • Weekend Bestiary

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New Realm?

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Thief Skills Again
  • Thieves have been getting quite sneaky, lately... Some have been seen planting explosives all over the realms. This has often been followed by skipping away and/or giggling.
  • Thieves also have figured out how to disarm the explosives set by others. Thank the deities...
  • Also, you can now see the location of your corpse when inside a temple. :)

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Thief Skills
  • Through years of practice current Thieves have become a bit more deadly at hurting an already wounded foe.
  • New insights in enemies anatomy increase a Thief's chances to hit harder.

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Title Change
  • You may now select to have no title at all, should you choose not to.

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Two New Skills!
  • Healers have a new skill, "Relax Tensions", with which they will be able to minorly thwart the combative tendencies of enemies.
  • War Mages also have a new skill, "Dampering Aura", with which they will be able to minorly thwart the magical prowess of enemies.

Now go! Ruin someone's refresh! They probably deserve it!

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New Trader Skill: Crafting
  • Crafting - Use patterns (currently in book stores) to turn skins and blocks of wood (forests) into items to sell, give, or trade!

The above skill will come into its own once Mo sits down and creates all of the different patterns and things to make, etc.
Right now there are only a few, but have fun playing & trying it out!

Some items will ONLY be made with crafting!
Some items currently in stores will be removed, and only available as such.

Expect to become popular, Traders. ;)

Further Information:

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New Items of Interest

Players will find bows, arrows, and other assorted similar weapons in Armories and such.

Further Information:

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Silencio has been busy! Long promised skills, all-new features, and cool new facets of gameplay have been added. Let's have a round of applause for the code wizard.

New Skills

A little something that's actually a big huge something.

  • Warrior Skill
    Blacksmithing - Show that damned Blacksmith how to do his job.
  • Thief Skills
    Pinpointing - Bypass armor with small blades.
    Feign Injury - Pretend your foe is doing better than they are.
    Feign Weakness - Stagger around and make suckers feel sorry for you.
  • War Mage Skills
    Locate - Find your friends.
    Summon - Call your friends on over.
    Rift Walk - Or, simply appear at their doorstep.
  • Necromancer Skills
    Dead Tongue - Lick Talk with dead players.
    Death's Embrace - Grow stronger magic-wise as you grow weaker.
    Blood Thinning - Inhibit the healing of your enemies.
  • Trader Skill
    Bum's Rush - Throw out da bums!

An all-new facet of gameplay, Ghosts now have their own skill set!

  • Ghost Skills
    Tantrum - Fine, be a big baby and throw stuff around!
    Wail - Go on and scream at the living. Creep 'em out.
    Ties to Life - Never forget where you parked your corpse again.
There is lots more...

There are also a bunch of other things that you may not notice at first. For example, you can now take damage for eating/using certain items, and monsters may treat you a little differently if you're unlucky.

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