Noobish, n00b, NOOB, this is a derogatory term, for a player who knows how to play, but appears to know little and shows no will to learn any more. They expect people to do the work for them and are often begging for items. Often territorial, easily angered and spouting abuse whenever possible seem to be the pastime of choice for these players.

Never to be confused with a Newb, though many will play a lower level to hide in the guise of a newb.

An easy test to tell the difference, is to directly tell them which rule they are "unknowingly" breaking.
If they respond with an apology and fix it, they are probably a newb.
If they react by insulting everything around them in rapid gibberish and then start causing general mayhem, they are probably a noob.

Quote from: various n00bs...
"Fr33 g34r plz!!!1!"
"I sH007 uR 13G, wHY u N07 d13??"
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