How to write and delete NotesEdit

First StepEdit


  • The Note section on the left of your navigation bar.
  • To access your messages click Notes
  • The page that opens now will say Your_Name's Notes.
  • For the simulation we used a particularly risible name: lippsyl


Second StepEdit
  • To create a new Note, click the scroll on your left.


Third StepEdit
  • Enter the text, and click the scroll again.
  • We used Note Note Notable Note as test example.
  • There is no doubt that you will come up with much more seminal notes than the one used here.
  • You could for instance write down coordinates that are important to you.


Delete NoteEdit
  • On your right you will have your text along with the date on which you saved it.
  • To delete the Note, click the burning scroll symbol on your right.


  • The dreadful note is now deleted.

Important Additional Info:Edit

  • The Notes will also indicate you the coordinates of the Cemetery in which your corpse is buried if you lay dead for over 5 days and no player used Zombify on your corpse during that period.
  • For more info on how to deal with your buried corpse, see: Graveyard
  • If for any reason you have your scripts off, to use your notes, they must be turned on.
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