Class specific Class Specific Item: This item may operate differently depending on the player's Class.

Description This is a professional pattern that allows its owner to construct one ogre skin vest.
Type pattern
Usage When player selects [use] the following text is displayed:
You study the pattern and manage to make a decent vest out of an ogre skin.

This item can only be used by Traders who have the Crafting skill. The item requires the player to also have a Ogre Skin in their inventory.
After which, a Ogre Skin Vest is added to the player's inventory, and the pattern and skin are removed.

Maximum Stack  ???
Cost to Buy Buy for 5 coins from Furs and Pelts Stores.
Selling Price Sell for 3 coins to Furs and Pelts Stores.
Maximum Upgrades This item cannot be upgraded.
How to Obtain Purchased at Furs and Pelts Stores for 5 coins.

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